Port police take the initiative to attack: armored vehicles and heavy troops deployed to guard against more than 100 mob arrest

 Port police take the initiative to attack: armored vehicles and heavy troops deployed to guard against more than 100 mob arrest

_Police arrested two thugs near Yaliao Street in Chengnanchang Street, Shenshui

Change strategy! The Hong Kong police took the initiative to attack high-risk areas. According to Wen Hui Bao, yesterday (11) the police took the initiative to attack the mob, deploying heavy troops in advance at several possible targets of the Black Mask Party, and more than 100 people were captured with their hands tied.

_The police dispersed the mob in Deepwater

In East Hong Kong, which is regarded as a high-risk area of conflict, the police have communicated with many local associations and people in the North Point to discuss the deployment of defense, including heavy troops stationed in the West Street of Mingyuan. At the same time, the police have appealed to residents to restrain and calmly treat the provocative actions of the Black Mask Party so as not to be used as a pretext by the opposition. To defame and differentiate Hong Kongs different ethnic groups.

In addition, in the Shenshui Chengdu Police Station, the police also deployed a Revu armored vehicle on standby in advance, with yellow barriers on the rooftop, and increased the number of riot police officers in the Department and the nearby Changsha Bay Police Station.

A large number of mobs gathered illegally in deep water and attacked the police line.

At about 3 p.m., more than 1,000 rioters at the rally poured out of Changsha Bay Road. At 5 p.m., they surrounded two police stations and dismantled railings and other public goods to set up roadblocks. However, they were quickly dispersed by tear gas fired by prepared riot police, and several troublemakers were arrested.

_The police are preparing to clear Hennessy Road outside Chongguang Department Store in Causeway Bay and arrest a number of rioters on the spot.

_Police dispersed radical demonstrators in Tsim Sha Tsui, and the Quick Dragon Team advanced in the direction of Hauli Avenue and subdued at least 10 rioters.

_Two men in black were arrested (see circle). Another man in black with head injuries was taken care of by police officers.

Last night, the police announced that the water cannon trucks, which are in great demand, will be demonstrating at the headquarters of the police mobile force at Butterfly Hill Road in Fanling this morning and will be put into service in a short time.

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