A Home, Four Signs of Prosperity

 A Home, Four Signs of Prosperity

Put health first

When I was a child, my grandmother often said, This family, big guys are healthy, healthy and painless, more important than anything.

At that time, I was ignorant and thought that what could be more important than money. When I grew up, I realized that what Grandma said was the truth.

Listen to her mothers story about a former colleagues husband who took part in private work day and night for several days in order to earn more milk powder for his children.

The poor female colleague washed her face with tears every day, then quit her job and took her child home alone.

Finally, my mother said with emotion: no one, whats the use of earning more money?

Yeah, the older you are, the more you feel that life is not your own. To live healthily is a responsibility.

Over the years, I have seen too much news and heard too many stories.

The children are sick, and the couple have been taking their children to seek medical treatment and sleeping in the open air for years.

The husband was seriously ill and owed a lot of debts. The burden of the family was all on his wife, and the whole family was shaky.