More terrible than widowed marriage is fraudulent parenting.

 More terrible than widowed marriage is fraudulent parenting.

If his wife protests a few words, he can prevaricate in one sentence. I want to earn money to support my family, which time to do housework with the children.

When Invisible Dad asked these questions, the situation was like a leader who suddenly checked posts. Apart from blaming and complaining, there was no trace of understanding and tolerance.

This is the way of fraudulent corpse-rearing. They dont bring up their own children, and they cant get used to the way their wives raise their children. It not only affects the relationship between parents and children, but also the relationship between husband and wife.

Xiaojuan not only has to take care of all the housework, but also takes Xiaobao to pick up Dabao from school, and then gives Dabao guidance while breastfeeding.

When he eats, Wang Yang will come out and watch his cell phone while eating, regardless of the childrens affairs.

Xiaojuan asked Wang Yang not to play with his mobile phone and talk with his children about his studies. Wang Yang then blew his beard and stared at him. I was so tired at work, and I wanted to relax when I came back. Dont bother me!

One day, Xiao Juan was changing his homework for Da Bao. Xiao Bao, who was asleep, turned over and fell into bed. He cried in pain. Wang Yang began to accuse Xiao Juan again. How did you become a mother? You have no sense of responsibility at all!

When the night was quiet, Xiaojuan sat there alone after coaxing her child to sleep.

Over the years, Xiaojuan took care of her childrens lives by herself and devoted herself to her family. In return, her husband and mother-in-law despised her.

Xiaojuan said that she is now experiencing three torments: asexual marriage, widowed marriage and fraudulent parenting, but what makes her most painful is fraudulent parenting. The children are seriously lack of fathers love, which is not conducive to their growth.

I know there is a problem, why do men not want to go home at the first time after work, but prefer to sit in the car for an hour in silence.

This problem has aroused the sympathy of many men. Male compatriots feel that they work so hard that they dont want to hear the nagging of their wives, the crying of their children and the trivial sound of housework when they go home.

He just wants to digest the pressure from the outside and return home to give his family a smile.

As a woman, I can understand the pressure of men struggling outside, but I think the man who does not go home after work for various reasons is a kind of fraudulent corpse.

If a man can come home at the first time after work, accompany his children to do homework, talk, help his wife to cook, wash dishes and chat about the latest situation, it will be better than a person stuffy in the car alone.

I remember an emotional program. My husbands way to work is very close to the childrens kindergarten. My wife asked him to get up five minutes early every day to send the children to school.

The husband disagreed. He would rather sleep for five minutes than send his children to school. In desperation, the wife had to carry Xiaobao herself and take a long bus to send Dabao to school. Every time, she was tired.

Later, Xiao Bao became ill, and his wife asked her husband to drop the children off to school at work. The husband reluctantly sent the children to school. As a result, he was late and was fined 50 yuan.

When he came back, he scolded his wife for being too selfish. The wife said that he would not be late as long as he got up five minutes early. The husband accused his wife of being unkind. Which family is not the mothers responsibility for the children?

Men are always used to distinguishing family and career clearly. In essence, they think that women should have a good family, and men only need to earn money to support their family.

The problem is that most men dont have the ability to support their families by themselves, which leads to the fact that many women now have to take care of both their children and their families.

In the childs heart, the father has become the most familiar stranger to the child, his eyes seem to only work and mobile phones, but the wife and children have become spare tires.

Sun Yunxiao, chief expert of family education at China Youth Research Center, believes that parents should have a natural division of labor because of their different physiological characteristics: mothers are better at intimacy with their children, while fathers are better at cultivating their childrens independence.