This restrictive movie, which attacks marriage every second: the perfect couple, dies under the illusion

 This restrictive movie, which attacks marriage every second: the perfect couple, dies under the illusion

Only on the fifth anniversary of marriage, the perfect wife suddenly disappeared, and the husband did not know where she had gone, so he called the police.

In the process of looking for a wife, the truth about the perfect marriage unfolds in front of us bit by bit, and behind the seemingly perfect, there is a terrible abyss beyond our reach.

It has to be said that the more perfect a marriage is, the more terrible it is.

The movie Lost Lover tells the story of such a so-called perfect marriage.

When wife Amy and husband Nick first met, they were attracted by each other. Nick liked Amys talent, beauty and tenderness, while Amy liked Nicks affectionate, considerate, funny and humorous.

Both of them thought they had found the perfect lover they had dreamed of and were soon married.

In the first two years of marriage, they were still playing the role of perfect lover in each others heart. Later, Nicks mother fell ill and they moved from New York to Missouri.

On the surface, they are a typical middle-class couple in the United States. They live decently and have harmonious feelings.

But after unemployment, the marriage began to change. Amys parents were in debt crisis. She gave her trust fund money to her parents to pay off the debt. Nick blamed her for not consulting with herself and making decisions without authorization.

After Nick lost his job, he began to make no progress. He bought electronic products such as game consoles, played games at home, and did nothing. Amy accused him of not being aggressive, and that he was no longer the aggressive husband in her eyes.

The perfect image of both of them began to collapse in front of real life. Amy became very dominant, and Nick was no longer so romantic and affectionate, gradually ignoring his wife.

The seemingly unexpected marriage surface actually hides the turbulent undercurrent, and both sides do not know it, nor do they go deep into communication, but choose to escape from reality.

Originally, they fall in love with the person they imagine, not the real person. When the perfect mask is removed, they can not accept the truth and feel deceived.

Nick felt more and more tired with Amy and even Suffocated at home. So he spent less and less time at home, their relationship became colder and colder, they exchanged less and less with each other, and Nick went off the rails.

Amy watched as he fell in love with himself and played with the fun and affection she had shown to herself. She suffered a great humiliation, which grew stronger and stronger, and aroused the darkness and viciousness in Amys heart.

My lazy, liar, unfaithful and forgetful husband will put me in jail for murder. This is what Amy ultimately wants to achieve.

Amy has even made the worst plan. If Nick cant be convicted in the end, she will commit suicide. She would kill Nick at the cost of her life.

To what extent does one hate another, one will die at the same time. Once an intimate couple, how deep love, how deep hate.

The more you expect from each other, the more disappointed you will be. The more perfect you think you are, the stronger your sense of emptiness will become when the illusion of perfection is broken.

Originally, she always thought that perfection was just a self-deceiving trick. She began to lose herself gradually. She only wanted to solve her hatred with revenge.

In fact, he didnt know anything about it. He just didnt want to think about it. He didnt want to take the time to understand his wifes spiritual world. He didnt want to spend energy to communicate. When the marriage went wrong, he just escaped and derailed, even though he still wanted to have a child with Amy.

He was only in love with Amys shell. Nick was only in love with the girl I was pretending to be,Cool girl. Cool girls are representative, casual and interesting. Cool girls never lose their temper with their men. She always laughs, is full of joy, is lively and lovely. She likes whatever he likes.

If Nick remained loyal, Amy would have liked to play such a cool girl to the end, but he didnt. He first betrayed his oath and began to get tired of the Amy he used to like.

In the final analysis, they have been staying in the initial perfect impression of each other. They did not know that, in order to attract each other, they deliberately displayed their best side, but that was not the complete real self.

A person can disguise for a while, but it is difficult to disguise for a lifetime. If he goes into marriage and puts all his expectations of intimacy on a person, he will surely be disappointed.

Because a relationship can only meet some of your expectations, but not all of your expectations, just as a person can meet some of your emotional needs, but not all of your emotional needs.

When you place all your expectations on one person, the person will become more and more tired and overwhelmed. At first, in order to meet your expectations, he has to try to play the role of the person you expect. Over time, he will collapse one day.

When he crashes, he will be farther and farther away from you, because you make him very stressed. You know, all happy long-term intimate relationships must be relaxed, both sides can be true to themselves.

Wenger Julie once wrote in The Law of Happy Marriage that even in the best marriage, there will be 200 divorces and 50 strangles in ones life.

No matter how perfect the marriage is, there are absolutely some incompleteness hidden behind it. In The Lost Lover, it is the dissipation of their enthusiasm and countless accumulated contradictions that make their seemingly perfect marriage terrible.

An emotional writer once said that the most common mistake we make in marriage is to be strict with others and lenient with ourselves, eager for each other to be perfect partners, but indulging in our own shortcomings and shortcomings.

Perfect marriage is always the mutual tolerance and perfection of two imperfect people.

Intimate Relations mentions that we fall in love with someone because the motivation behind starting and maintaining an intimate relationship is to meet our unmet needs.

Once you find that your partner cant satisfy you, you want to control your partner and transform him into what we expect.

In this way, it will only make each other more and more tired and never be satisfied.

In Fu Leis Family Book, there is a passage about Fu Leis marriage with Fu Cong, which is very good.

The requirement for a lifelong partner should not be too strict as all the requirements for life. There are always two sides to it: its too urgent to catch up with you and you feel burdened; its not tight enough and you dont feel enthusiastic enough. Gentle people sometimes appear cowardly, strong and almost autocratic. Its unrealistic to have too many fantasies. The competent housekeeper feels vulgar again. Where are the only people who have no strengths or weaknesses? Are there perfect people or things in the world? Ask yourself how perfect you are.

We can never marry a perfect person, only in the long and trivial days, when we find the shortcomings of our partners, we respect each other, tolerance each other, and gradually approach a better life.

There is no perfect marriage and no tireless love in the world. In marriage, we should learn to accept each others imperfections and work hard to achieve a better self and a happier marriage.