Tian Pujun: Independence for so many years, Wang Shi said that she infected God!

 Tian Pujun: Independence for so many years, Wang Shi said that she infected God!

Infected God.

At first glance, I thought Miss Tian had gone to throw her head, shed blood and save the earth.

What earth-shaking business did Tian Pu-jun do?

Sun Zhengyi was interviewed, the club graduated, made a speech at the dinner party, and showed his busy day in the form of VLOG.

This is how people write their own microblogs.u2014u2014

During the shooting period in Japan, there was a mixture of reciting speeches, carrying boxes, starving and feeling.

Meet the elder sister to say: Speech back, carry the box, so? Hunger, why?

When I meet my sister, I usually start writing at 6 oclock and cook breakfast for my baby at 7 oclock. I used to think this is the life of ordinary people.

_I was shocked to see the flowers. How did Miss Tians eyes and mouth become like this?

At the dinner speech and the end of the party, Tian Puqi was choking again.

God didnt know if she was infected, but Miss Tian herself was infected by herself.

Its so easy for a passing student to chase people everyday and ask: I dont work hard, Im not strong?

_Wang Shi, a man who has been engaged in a career, can say such words, which can only be understood as love is really great.

Tian Pujuns only work is his own.

Contemporary young cross-border new women, set Chengli College founder, producer, columnist, actor, interior designer and other multiple identities in one. The Breakthrough Women Award of the Year awarded by the United Nations ranks first in the list of female star entrepreneurs.

In other words, we all know that Tian Puqin is a well-known independent woman, but what has she done in her years of independence?

The year before last, Tian took a series of Thank you city scenery films, dressed beautifully in Paris, London, New York and Milan to punch in.

Among them, Thank you, New York Douban score 5.3, the remaining few even did not score.

The only comment was, Its pathetic not to have a comment at all.

It doesnt prevent people from being in the middle. The American Film Festival won a Golden Angel Award.

You say its a reality show, people say its a documentary.

Last year, Tian Pu-chen wrote a book, What Money Cant Solve, with a 4.2 Douban Point Score.

Turning over the book, the text still maintained Tian Pujuns consistent style of independent women chicken soup. The following is the Jin (set) sentence (words):___________

No matter how shallow you are, if you insist on doing one thing, you will get something.

China is a country of etiquette. We should inherit the fine traditions of our ancestors.

The book lists many table manners.

For example, when making tea, milk or tea should be poured first.

For example,

For example, how to cut bread, how to drink wine.

Sincerely and heartily, I tell you a story about the desire of a man who just got out of poverty and became rich for a civilized world.

This year, Tian Pu-jun filmed Wanwu Sheng, a series of My Friends and Me.

The content is to dress beautifully and punch cards with Japanese celebrities.

Style continues: I know XXX of Niu X, he is my good friend, he appreciates me, I am very moved.

Introducing Sun Zhengyi and Guo Taiming, Miss Tian said, All this feels like a family.

For Wanwu Sheng, Douban Wenqings feedback is as follows:

Whats this shot? QQ Space Tourism Album Broadcast? Im not here to see you change your suit.

_Stamp Collection Photo

A strange woman who does not depend on men

The above books and films are all for Tian Pujuns social training course, Chengli College, to lay the groundwork and advertise.

What does this Chengli College do? The official saying is as follows:

It is the first overseas experiential aristocratic culture training institute aiming at the target group of Chinas top business leaders.

Miss Tians own explanation is as follows:

In a word, the Gui (trench) ethnic club is supported by resources.

In addition to Zhang Chaoyang and Feng Lun, Chenglis students are full of local tyrants eager to squeeze into the circle of the old king.

Miss Tian gave an excellent student as an example.

It is said that this farmer entrepreneur in Hebei, like Wusong, has already begun to learn to play the piano after attending Miss Tians courses several times.

Yuyan said that if you want to enter Lao Wangs circle, you have to donate a threshold money in Oda. This business is 666.

The graduation ceremony of Chengli College is often held in Wallace Museum, Metropolitan Museum, or the Louvre. Im curious about the tuition fees for this training course.

Three years ago, in his speech, Tian Puqin claimed that part of his brain was permanently blued due to lack of sleep.

But geese, after all these years, we still havent seen the results of sleeping only three hours a day in her mouth.

Let us witness the miracle again and again: a person can cling to the power and dignity for no reason.

_Tian Puyun has mentioned more than once that his brain has turned blue.

Wang Shis reputation, contacts and discount transportation have made such a strange woman who does not depend on men.

I dont depend on men. Im better than men. Im not for money. Im an independent woman.

Originally, you have the resources to drag a group of people to play with you, but why dont you let the independent women die?

Those of us who really do small business and small business are embarrassed to say that we are independent women.

Let go of independent women

Tian Pu-jun died of being an independent woman. However, her understanding is particularly superficial and touching.

A few years ago, when she released Habits Just Like It, she was eager to put it aside and tried too hard to say, Chinese men are becoming less and less like men.

Its like standing on the opposite side of men is called feminism.

Later, in his speech, he set up flag: I swear I dont depend on men all my life.

In an interview, she strongly criticized patriarchy and patriarchy, declared that she was not a traditional woman, and shouted, This is no longer the age of foot binding.

It also educates women:

When it comes to emotions, Miss Tian seems to really think that she is the independent woman who shapes herself and changes her destiny.

Obviously, we have acquired a lot of resources from men, but we should always show the victims posture, in turn, we should also point out how to behave.

Where does this confidence come from? Its too boring.

_Nobody says youre not traditional, okay? It means you get cheap and sell well, and, uh, Lu Ziguang (wild)...

For this interview, the comments on YouTube are:

Read a lot of cheap chicken soup, have recited, not easy ah.

The funniest thing is that when it comes to gender inequality, Tian Pujun gives an angry example: France lifted the ban on women wearing trousers only a few years ago.

However, Goose, Miss Tian does not know that the reason why this ban has not been abolished is that it has never been implemented in practice and belongs to the legal provisions that do not need priority treatment.

Open your mouth and say anything.

Since we are going to be set up by independent women, we should at least do our homework well.

Nowadays, Independent Women is really a cheap and easy-to-operate device. You say you are, you are.

Speaking, I believe it.

Yesterday, I saw Fan Bingbing also talk about womens power, equality between men and women, and hope that all female friends have their own abilities, because only you can help yourself.

I dont know what caused Fan Bingbing and Tian Puying to have the illusion that they were independent female models. They probably brainwashed themselves all day, circulated indefinitely and believed in themselves.

Mrs. Chanel, a mistress of high birth, has achieved hegemony. Nobody laughs at her superiority in resources given by men. Her career achievements are enough to take precedence over everything else.

Fan Bingbing and Tian Park-jun are the two. They are rich, independent, master and better than men. They are making a lot of noise. We are all dizzy when we look at them.

Tian Puqins microblog put a sentence on it: the strong will show weakness, the weak will only succeed.

Thats a good saying.

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