Single mothers of twins enrolled in key universities are both happy and worried

 Single mothers of twins enrolled in key universities are both happy and worried

Developing Experience

Attaching importance to thinking training, physical and mental health is more important

The twins have been learning tyrants since childhood. Not only did they enter key universities this time, but they were also escorted in junior high school. Maybe because I used to be a chemistry teacher, I have paid more attention to childrens thinking training since childhood. In addition to making them do a thinking training problem every day when they were young, they also learned to draw for two or three years, which is also about thinking development. Chen Zhujun, Yang Chengzhis mother, said, I never asked them for grades. When I was a child, if the exam results were not satisfactory, I would only let them sum up and analyze, and cultivate their habit of learning and summing up experience on their own initiative. In high school, I will not ask them. I dont think childrens grades will be worse as long as they are physically and mentally healthy.

Chen Zhujun said, I always think that if we want to communicate smoothly with our children, we must put ourselves in the same position as them. We cant think that we are parents, which can easily lead to childrens rebellious mentality. I usually talk to them like friends. When they entered puberty in junior high school, I began to share some ideas about love with them. In fact, this is the only way of life. Why should we avoid it? The more evasive parents are, the more curious children will be, and honest and correct guidance is the best.

Learning Secret Books

Complete 100% of the tasks assigned by the teacher

Do the brothers have any unique learning methods? Have you attended any remedial classes? Brother introduced, Nothing special, just follow the teachers instructions to learn, and then carefully complete the homework.

The reporter asked, If you were asked to give suggestions to the following college entrance examinees, would you recommend sea tactics?

I think it would be enough if we could execute 100% of what the teacher said in class. Do a problem is only familiar with the way to solve the problem, the key is to learn the way to sum up their own way. The younger brother answered in this way.

Looking forward to helping

Although they are twins, there are differences in the personalities of brothers and brothers.

Brother is a high-cold bully line, the younger brother is more easygoing, giving people a feeling that it is easier to get close. Chen said, Although both brothers were admitted to university at the same time, at present only the elder brother has received the sunshine assistance, and the younger brothers tuition fee has not been implemented yet. I hope that after seeing the report, the loving people in society can also help us to tide over the difficulties.

Source: Yu Rainbow_NBJ11060, Responsible Editor of Chongqing Evening News