Boys will falsely report length and girls will falsely report size.

 Boys will falsely report length and girls will falsely report size.

Boys generally care about their height. This is actually related to social stereotypes.

But in fact, what is a long thing to say and do? This is not only related to genetic factors, but also has a serious impact on height in terms of location, climate and experience. I have a heart that grows to 1.8 meters, but my genes only make me grow to 1.7 meters. What can I do? You can only add a few centimeters to make a fool of it. You wont pull out a ruler to measure my height on the spot anyway.

2. Length of Ding Ding

The horizontal axis of this chart shows the length, while the vertical axis represents the number. Green represents the true length, while orange represents the claimed length. As you can see, most of the green areas are basically on the left side of orange, indicating that the true length is shorter than the claimed length. In addition, we can also find that the shorter the real length of a man, the more likely he is to exaggerate his size, while the longer the real length of a man, the more honest he is, and will not exaggerate.

Men really care about length...


1. Size of chest

Men care about length, women care about size. Even if it is a chat between girlfriends, even if people have become flat runway, you can hardly hear the saying I am A Cup, at least starting with B Cup. Even if they cant bounce back a punch in a B-cup underwear, they still insist that they are B and cant be refuted. (Actually, A is also quite good, after all, there is another model in the world called A-)

But is that deceptive? Actually, to be exact, its just a change of concept.

Now lets recall the Japanese teachers and think about their sizes. Are they all E-starters and exaggerated direct G-starters? But look at the photos, is it really that exaggerated? Does E look like that?

In fact, the size of Japan is different from ours. They are generally two or three sizes bigger than ours. That is to say, E equals B, F equals C, and G equals D. So Mr. Bodoye put it in the domestic scale table is a C level. From this point of view, its modest for A-cup girls to say they are B.

2. Age

Girlsfalse reports are not only physical size, but also age size. Every girl wants to keep her youth forever, but the reality is always a little cruel. As a result, the age of opening ones mouth when he was a child has become a secret to be kept secret when he grows up.

So how can we keep this secret on the premise that youth never returns? Some people choose to falsify their age. When you say I am 35, I must say I am 25. Cant I get my ID card? Thats for school in the morning. I made a mistake with my ID card (I dont know how many people I saved).

Others, who cant afford to falsify their age, choose another way: to avoid talking about it. You ask me, I dont say, you ask me again, you just dont respect women. The straight mans hat buckles on your head, and you cant open that mouth if you want to ask.

In fact, in the final analysis, boys can falsely report the length or the size of girls, which is actually a kind of dissatisfaction and self-confidence about their current situation. But regardless of its size, everyones life has its own brilliance. To be a man, self-confidence is the most important thing. Look at the fat knitting of five centimeters. Hes very confident.

If so, you also want to know How long and how long is the standard for Chinese men? Or How many centimeters can a girl accept at most?...

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