6 minutes 3 balls! Argentina 4-1 Honduras Pan-American Games winner Tokyo

 6 minutes 3 balls! Argentina 4-1 Honduras Pan-American Games winner Tokyo

In the group tournament, Argentina won 2-1, lost 6 points and Honduras won 1-1, drew 1-1, lost 4 points. Both teams finished second in the group. In the semifinals, Argentina won 3-0 over Uruguay in Group B, while Honduras beat Mexico in Group A on penalties.

Argentina 1-0

Honduras Level 1-1

In the first half of the final, the two teams equalized 1-1. Ulkie broke the deadlock for Argentina. After stealing on the left side of the front court, he made a vertical breakthrough with the ball and then shot the goal on the left side of the penalty area. Shortly before the end of the first half, Douglas Martinez scored a second goal for Honduras.

Argentina scored three goals in just six minutes between the 59th and 65th minutes. Valenzuela first rushed to break the door in the restricted area, then Nokul shot at close range to break the door. Bella scored a header and set the score at 4-1.

It was the Argentine National Olympic Team that took part in the Pan American Games. Argentina has won a ticket to the mens football match of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, as it was runner-up in the U20 Championships in South America earlier this year. Argentina has not yet determined the attribution of three over-age places, after news that Mascherano hopes to lead the team.

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