Sorry for the original author and scriptwriter of Shanghai Fortress on Shuangpu Street

 Sorry for the original author and scriptwriter of Shanghai Fortress on Shuangpu Street

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, he wrote the film Bixian 2, which currently has a rating of 3.9 on Douban and a box office of more than 80 million yuan.

Shanghai Fortress is a science fiction film adapted from famous writer Jiangnan, starring Lu Hao and Shu Qi. It was released on Friday (August 9).

Then it became the only highlight moment of the film.

Some netizens think that the days of wanting to rely on traffic stars once and for all are long gone. Others think that the film is a love film in Chinese science fiction coat and the plot is too bad.

In a vote sponsored by Finance and Economics Network, Why dont you think the box office of Shanghai Fortress is not good? 55% of the audience agreed with this statement.

When the two actors in the film answered How to evaluate the science fiction movie Shanghai Fortress in their short compositions conscientiously and truly, the commentary area suffered from overturning. The netizens left a message: Its hard for you, and you have to take pains to praise it.

However, in the face of the audiences doubts, Guanwei @ Shanghai Fortress said that we will take seriously the phenomenon of paid low scores, which has been received by the audience in succession.

That night, Guanwei also called himself insomnia, and asked four times, This is rotten film?

Shortly afterwards, @Movie Shanghai Fortress deleted the sleepless microblog along with Four Lian Questions and issued an apology statement. Xiao Editor said that the production of the film took a lot of effort, sincerely hope to get everyone fair treatment. Then the apology was deleted.

On the morning of November 11, director Teng Huatao apologized for seeing some netizens say that Wandering Earth opened a door of Chinese science fiction, and Shanghai Fortress was closed again.I am very sad, but I also have an inescapable responsibility,because I believe that no one wants to close the shining door.

After relaying Teng Huataos apology, Lu Han, the leading actor, thanked all the encouragement and criticism.

(function () {(window. slotbydup = window. slotbydup | []). push ({id:6374560, container:ssp_6374560, size:300,250, display:inlay-fix, async: true});} (); then, film writer Jiangnan also forwarded the apology microblog and apologized again:Thank everyone who participated in the movie, many of whom were my readers, for their efforts. Yes, I see; I apologize to those friends who dont like movies for failing your waiting. Source: Editor-in-Charge of Observer Network: Xun Jianguo_NN7379

Afterwards, film writer Jiangnan also forwarded this apology microblog and apologized again: Thank everyone who participated in the film, many of them were my readers, tried hard to see; apologize to those friends who did not like the film, and failed your waiting.