Media: Are women cadres caught in meetings tightly supervised or making a fuss?

 Media: Are women cadres caught in meetings tightly supervised or making a fuss?

Recently, pictures of a female cadre in Liukou Town, Shangqiu Liang Park, Henan Province, during a meeting sparked a heated discussion on the Internet. Media survey found that the photo originated from a news headline Central Plains Cultural Observation published on August 4, Liukou Town, Liangyuan District, held to implement the spirit of the regional dispatching Conference on poverty alleviation and fortification.

On August 8, the peoples government of Liukou Town, Liangyuan District, Shangqiu City, notified that after verification, Yang Mou inadvertently sprained his ankle on August 3 to carry out poverty alleviation work in the village, and applied plaster on that evening. In addition, there were mosquitoes in the meeting venue on the day of the meeting, and his feet were uncomfortable, so he couldnt help scratching.

The circular also said that after the emergence of public opinion, female cadres regretted it very much and made a review to the town Party committee. The Party Committee and the government of our town are very grateful to the media and netizens for their supervision and attention. They have convened a special meeting on this issue. They have decided to take this as a lesson and to conduct special education on improving the quality of cadres throughout the town, reiterate the discipline of the meeting and strengthen the construction of the style of work.

On August 8, Yang Ping, the photographs client, said in an interview with Time Video that she had sprained her foot when she came to poor households and itched after plaster. She couldnt resist scratching. She didnt pay attention to her image and made mistakes. She had already been examined.

Meeting picky party response: to poor households when entering the home will sprain their feet, plaster after some itching, did not resist scratching.

[Red Net: Cadres should face up to the problem and not let mosquitoes come back to the pot]. Cadres not only represent their own image, but also the image spokesman of the government. Cadres who do not pay attention to their appearance will not only make themselves very ugly, but also damage the image of the government. Even if there is the problem of mosquitoes, it is only an objective problem here, and the subjective problem still lies with female cadres. Female cadres should face up to their own problems and take the initiative to correct them before they can really take on the responsibilities.

[Red Pepper Comment: Behavior is not elegant, sincere apology is the kingly way.) Every move of the cadre represents the image of the government. The behavior of the female cadre is obviously an indecent behavior, which not only exposes the lack of civilized literacy of individuals, but also damages the image of the unit. To illustrate with a simple mosquito fight can not prove the authenticity of this matter, more like looking for reasons to shirk responsibility. For this kind of behavior, the sincere response is kingly way.

[Surging News: Give Grass-roots Cadres more understanding] Although the meeting is not graceful, but there is no need to go on the line, so that grass-roots cadres are easily blamed. It is not necessarily possible to deduce the degree of competence of a persons work from a single photograph. On the contrary, excessive criticism may result in miscarriage. This episode reminds us once again that if there is a plan, there may not be a truth. We should give more understanding to the unable to resist matting and grassroots cadres.

[Guangming. com: Dont just think about cooling down quickly when dealing with public opinion. What makes people puzzled is that female cadres regret very much and make a review to the Party Committee of the town. Since they are injured at work and are irresistible force of foot discomfort, how can they regret it? When dealing with similar incidents, some places do not focus on clarifying the facts and rationalizing, but on dealing with public opinion, and only want to cool down quickly. This treatment is likely to lead to some secondary public opinion, such as the response of the public believe it or not? Does the party accept the measures taken?

The local government responded that it was somewhat baffling to use this as a lesson and draw inferences from inferences. Supervisory cadres deserve encouragement, but we hope that we can improve the level of supervision, especially the need to prevent spoofy supervision inside the eggs. This kind of behavior of supervising female cadres to be stingy is not worth advocating.

[Red Net: Tackling feet carelessly, the news release checks the foot precautions] This small action became public opinion, the reason is that this photo was sent to the press release, causing some enthusiastic netizens questioned. The press release is not strictly controlled, and the reviewers and publishers should be the most reflective. In order to avoid the recurrence of similar problems, it is necessary to study and judge in advance the words, pictures and audio-visual images that may induce negative public opinion.

No matter what difficulties you have experienced and what ailments you are suffering from, once you choose to attend, the camera will not appreciate you and public opinion will not take special care of you. Wrong is wrong. There is no reason or excuse. Especially at the moment, in the routine practice of leaving traces at work, your every move may be taken and recorded by someone else with a camera, or spread on the Internet, so you should pay more attention to your personal image.

Thousands of lines above and one needle below.

[Wechats public name Open up: Read the story behind the announcement.) After six years of working in the countryside, I read different feelings from the announcement: Carry out poverty alleviation work, inadvertently twisted ankle, possibly because the grass-roots personnel are fewer and more contradictory and complex, it is normal for cadres to work overtime to enter the village; twisted ankle, plaster sitting. In the meeting hall, it reminds people of the fact that many grass-roots Party members and cadres are sick and injured; there are mosquitoes in the meeting hall. If you do not experience them personally, you can not perceive where the grass-roots conditions are poor or weak.

At some times and in some places, the supervision of cadres has become a kind of expression supervision and action supervision. Often, according to the so-called inappropriate smile and inappropriate action of cadres in photos and videos, they try to point to the corruption and style of work of cadres. Perhaps the starting point of such supervision is good, but the actual effect is not good. There are many cases of rollover.

In the Internet era, anti-corruption and honesty should not have a dead end. Cadres must face all-round magnifying glass supervision, which is the proper meaning of supervision. However, supervision should embody the borders of seriousness and law-abiding, not be unlimited outline, not be able to monitor the actions and expressions that may occur as ordinary people, but also carefully.

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