Foreign Man Raising Hong Kong Independence in Hong Kong Street to Organize Public Angry Protest

 Foreign Man Raising Hong Kong Independence in Hong Kong Street to Organize Public Angry Protest

Source: Hong Kong Orange News

Overseas Network, August 12, from the recent media exposure of the picture, Hong Kongs radical demonstrators often appear in the ranks of foreign coaches. Yesterday (11), another foreigner appeared on the streets of Hong Kong brushing sense of existence.

Overseas network combing found that the foreign mans slogan is Hong Kong independence organization Hong Kong Volunteers previously launched the so-called concept flag. At the beginning of this year, Hong Kongs public aspirations launched an outcry on social networking sites, Strive for 100% freedom without a restricted area and a red line. Today, there are only three sharing sessions.

Facebook screenshots

In the commentary, some Hong Kong netizens asked, Can you teach me if there is a place in the world where there is 100% freedom? Can 100% be unconstrained? You can do whatever you want!

Come on, leave Hong Kong, cut your ID passport, and go abroad and make any trouble.

Since June 9, the demonstrations launched by radicals in Hong Kong have all ended in violence, and the foreign forces behind them have become increasingly prominent. On July 28, Ta Kung Pao photographed a suspicious foreign commander during the demonstration, and exposed his dialogue with another foreign journalist. On the evening of July 28, a group of rioters clashed with the police in Shanghuan. A foreigner in grey suit, shorts and backpack sat on the staircase of the bridge on Willima Street near Sai Ying Pan and talked about the latest police developments with a person named Ezra Cheung through mobile social software.

Austin Ramzy, a journalist from the New York Times, admitted on Twitter that the man photographed by Ta Kung Pao was the technical manager of our office and that his chat was meant to keep him away from the damaged road with another foreign journalist. Since June this year, Wang Shuangzhou has written 18 reports on conflicts and demonstrations in various districts of Hong Kong, many of which criticize Hong Kong police officers and the regional government for turning a blind eye to the mobs illegal activities.

Subsequently, Ezra forwarded Wangs Twitter agreement. Personal Twitter information shows that Ezra is currently a part-time journalist for CNN International and the New York Times, and previously worked for AFP. From his Twitter content, he participated in the demonstration on July 28, and filmed a number of videos of police officers clashing with demonstrators.

Not only that, according to the Hong Kong Wenhui website on August 7, some netizens found that Huang Zhifeng, Luo Guancong and other leaders of the Hong Kong Independence organization Hong Kong Volunteers were consulting with a foreign woman at 5 p.m. on August 6 in the lobby of the JW Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong. Witnesses said they were very respectful when they met her looksveryAmerican (who looks very American), as if they had met their big boss. Huang later admitted that he had exchanged with the U.S. Consul in Hong Kong on the 6th, including an attempt to sanction Hong Kongs Human Rights and Democracy Act and a request that the U.S. side not export equipment to the Hong Kong police.

On the evening of the 8th, a spokesman for the US State Department admitted that there was indeed a meeting, but claimed that representatives of the US government would meet regularly with people from Hong Kong and Macao and even knock it down, arguing that China should not disclose personal information of American diplomats. In this series of events in Hong Kong, the United States is everywhere.

In response to the robber logic of the spokesman for the US State Department, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministrys Hong Kong Office said on September 9 that the relevant remarks of the United States were a blatant slander and defamation of the Chinese side, exposing once again the US sides hegemonic thinking of reversing the black-and-white robber logic and self-respect. China expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to this. The spokesman said that instead of rethinking, reviewing and correcting its own serious misconduct of wanton interference in Hong Kong affairs and Chinas internal affairs, the US side had been beating up a rake, bloodshed and baselessly slandering the Chinese government for leaking relevant information, which was to treat the belly of a gentleman with a petty heart and expose once again the darkness and twist of the US sides psychology. Qu.

As for the interference of foreign powers such as the United States in Hong Kongs affairs, Wen Bao commented that all the grand slogans are just excuses. The real reason is to undermine the whole of the central government in Hong Kong by interfering in Hong Kongs local affairs, inciting contradictions and confrontations within Hong Kong and provoking large-scale anti-government demonstrations. In order to curb Chinas development and destroy Chinas development environment, we should take measures to control power and combat the ability of the SAR government to govern.

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