Local officials in Shouguang, a vegetable town, fighting floods: It will not have a great impact on vegetable prices.

 Local officials in Shouguang, a vegetable town, fighting floods: It will not have a great impact on vegetable prices.

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Shouguang, Shandong Province, suffered heavy rains and some vegetable greenhouses were flooded.

Typhoon Lichma will land again on the Shandong Peninsula on the evening of August 11, bringing a strong wind and heavy precipitation to the area. As the largest vegetable distribution center and important vegetable producing area in China, Shouguang City, Weifang City, Shandong Province, known as Vegetable Township, is carrying out flood prevention preparations. Local officials told Peng Mei News that the flood is not expected to have a significant impact on vegetable prices.

According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory on August 11, Typhoon No. 9 of this year, Lichma will make landfall again that evening near Qingdao, Shandong Province. Affected by this, heavy rainstorms will occur in central and Eastern Shandong and Northern Jiangsu. Local heavy rainstorms (100-192 mm) will occur in Weifang, Zibo, Jinan, Dongying, Binzhou and Qingdao. The maximum gusts in north-central Shandong and coastal areas, south-central Jiangsu and northeastern coastal areas, and Eastern Anhui will be 8-9 and 10.

The picture is from the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory.

Affected by the storm caused by typhoon, the rainfall of Shouguang exceeded 150 mm on August 11, and the flood discharge of Mihe and Danhe rivers was large. Shouguang City Flood Control and Drought Relief Command said earlier that the citys towns and districts had already begun to transfer people from dangerous areas, and tens of thousands of residents had been safely transferred at that time.

In the process of heavy rainfall, many greenhouses in Shouguang City were flooded by rainwater. Shouguang greenhouse is vulnerable to floods for many reasons, the Science and Technology Daily reported on August 11.

Topographically, Shouguang is the entrance of several major rivers in the southern mountainous area of Weifang. Its low-lying terrain is originally a flood discharge area.

Another important reason is its special structure. In order to reduce wind area and increase ground temperature, semi-underground structure is widely used in Shouguang winter-warm greenhouse. But technology is a double-edged sword, and the structure of excavating about 0.7 meters directly leads to the serious situation of water intake and storage in the greenhouse.

The cadres and workers of Shouguang Chengdu Investment Group in Shandong Province were rescued on the spot. (ICPhotos)

As early as August 9, Shouguang City Flood Control and Drought Relief Command Office has issued Emergency Notice on Flood Discharge of Mihe and Danhe Upper Reaches Reservoirs. In order to prevent heavy rainfall brought by typhoon in advance, the pre-discharge plan has been implemented since 15:00 p.m. on August 9. On the 10th, Shouguang City issued a letter to the masses, in which it mentioned that we should take precautions against greenhouses. Planters in flood-prone areas in greenhouses should renovate drainage ditches before rainstorms, remove weeds and garbage blocking drainage to ensure smooth drainage, and actively pay attention to meteorological information so as to close vents in time when rainstorms occur.

On the evening of August 11, Shouguang City Flood Control and Drought Relief Command said that according to preliminary statistics, 18,000 greenhouses in low-lying and waterlogging-prone areas of Shouguang City were flooded, 130,000 mu of farmland was affected, and 93,000 people in some villages along the river were evacuated.

A staff member of the Propaganda Department of Shouguang Municipal Committee told Peng Mei News that Shouguang mainly grows tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers and other crops, and Jitai Town, a greenhouse vegetable growing area in the upstream zone, has been affected by the disaster.

Sui Yumei, manager of Shouguang Price Index Inspection and Testing Center, said that the disaster was not as serious as last year. In addition, this years measures are better, Mi River and Dan River are also diverted. This years vegetable price rise is not expected to have a significant impact.

Sui Yumei introduced that due to the recent general rainstorm in the whole country, vehicles transporting vegetables to and from Shouguang could not arrive in time, resulting in local northern vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, cabbage and other prices per kilogram increased by about one cent in the first two days.

Picture from Shouguang Vegetable Industry Holding Group.

However, because some cooperatives bought insurance at the beginning of this year, some villagers expressed reassurance.

Zhang Fuming, head of the Peoples Welfare Vegetable Cooperative in Lijiatun Village, Hualong Town, Shouguang City, told the Beijing News that the rain in Lijiatun Village was smaller than that in other parts of Shouguang City, but the water in the village was still higher than the ankle.

He said his cooperative mainly grows yellow cauliflower, and more than 20 greenhouses are known to be flooded.

Some villagers heard that the shed had been flooded, so they ran to the shed to pump water, and I called them back. Im afraid the rain is too heavy and dangerous. In fact, as long as people are OK, the rest is not important. He said.

According to Zhang Fuming, he bought agricultural insurance for his cooperative earlier this year. So if the greenhouse is flooded, as long as the evidence is handed over to the village according to the process provided by the village, both oneself and the villagers can be compensated.

Losses should not be too great.

A staff member surnamed Liu from the Propaganda Department of Shouguang Municipal Committee said that the dikes and dams of Mihe and Danhe had been strengthened and increased in May. As long as there was no heavy rain tonight, the river would enter the sea tomorrow. He said that at present Shouguang City has become a medium-sized rain, but the water level in the river does not fall down, they can only guard against death, tonight is also a sleepless night for cadres and masses along the river.

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