Typhoon Lichma has caused 5 deaths and 7 missing people in Shandong Province. 1.65 million people were affected.

 Typhoon Lichma has caused 5 deaths and 7 missing people in Shandong Province. 1.65 million people were affected.

Qilu Network, August 12, Xinshandong Emergency Response Department released news today. According to the statistics of disaster reporting system, as of 5:50 on August 12, our province was affected by Typhoon No. 9 of this year, Liqima. The disaster situation involves Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo, Zaozhuang, Dongying, Yantai, Weifang, Jining, Taian, Rizhao and Linyi. 522 townships (streets) in 79 counties (cities and districts) of 14 cities in Dezhou, Liaocheng and Binzhou.

According to preliminary statistics, there are 16.555 million people affected by the disaster, 5 people died and 7 people were missing due to the disaster, 183 million people were urgently relocated and resettled, 17.544 million hectares of crops were affected, 609 houses collapsed, and 1.475 billion yuan of direct economic losses were incurred, of which 939 million yuan was lost in agriculture. Relevant disaster data are being further counted.

At present, the disastrous weather process has not yet ended, and emergency relief work has been carried out in an orderly manner. Emergency management departments at all levels in the province, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government deployment, timely transfer and resettlement of the masses, actively do a good job in rescue and disaster relief work, coordinate the grain and material reserve departments to do a good job in the allocation of disaster relief materials, and coordinate transportation departments to do a good job in the traffic security of disaster relief vehicles.

Lichma landed in Shandong Province. Three people were washed away and one village cadre was found dead.

According to Qilu. com, the reporter learned from the office of the flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Rizhao City that on August 11, Meng Fanyong, a cadre of Mengjiawa village in Dongguan Town, Juxian County, Rizhao City, was washed away by floodwater in the process of dredging the culvert pipeline. After full search and rescue, the body of Meng Fanyong was found on the afternoon of November 11, and the sacrifice was confirmed.

Local officials in Shouguang, a vegetable town, fighting floods: It will not have a great impact on vegetable prices.

A staff member of the Propaganda Department of Shouguang Municipal Committee told Peng Mei News that Shouguang mainly grows tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers and other crops, and Jitai Town, a greenhouse vegetable growing area in the upstream zone, has been affected by the disaster. Sui Yumei, manager of Shouguang Price Index Inspection and Testing Center, said that the disaster was not as serious as last year. In addition, this years measures are better, Mi River and Dan River are also diverted. This years vegetable price rise is not expected to have a significant impact.