Chinese tourists are fined for traveling to Yellowstone Park without taking the trestle Lane in defiance of U.S. regulations

 Chinese tourists are fined for traveling to Yellowstone Park without taking the trestle Lane in defiance of U.S. regulations

BEIJING, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) According to the U.S. World Daily, Chinese tourists were arrested and fined thousands of dollars in Yellowstone Park in defiance of U.S. regulations. An elderly tourist from China was handcuffed by police near the honest fountain in Yellowstone Park on the 9th. Because on the 8th he took illegal photographs in Norris Geyser Spa, but did not appear in court after being summoned.

According to people familiar with the situation, a Chinese tourist who visited Norris Geyser Hot Spring on the 8th was reported not taking pictures along the wooden trestle road. Police issued a court summons for him to appear in court on the 9th, but the tourist did not appear in court. Police found him near the Honest Fountain on the 9th and arrested him for contempt of court. The fine was $1,000 before he was released.

In a group of Wechat Travel, there is a photograph of the scene, recording the moment when the tourist was handcuffed by the park police. Photographs show the visitor with grey hair and dark skin, an elderly man aged 60 to 70, wearing a deep coat, white trousers and black shoes. Three garden policemen surrounded him. One grabbed his arm and the other took out handcuffs to clasp his wrist.

Informed tour guide said that initially he appeared in court, but the tourist ignored the subpoena, may not plan to come back to the United States in the future, whether there is a subpoena to appear in court or not does not matter. Chinese tourists are often misled on the Internet not to be afraid of the tickets issued by the American police. Its okay for people to leave the United States. In fact, its irresponsible. Every time he brings a group here, Chinese tourists ignore the parks rules, and the tour guide always tells them not to go outside the walkway. Because the crust of Yellowstone Park is empty, three years ago someone fell into a hot spring and was dissolved. But some tourists are deaf, including the elderly. Several tourists in their 60s once blamed him for not speaking, or for the guides failure to say important things three times, leaving him speechless.

Some tourists, he said, cant see them as adults who are responsible for their actions. It is hoped that this incident will warn Chinese tourists who ignore U.S. regulations to avoid further arrests and fines.

Yellowstone National Park has warning signs around hot springs, but according to the Yellowstone Park website, every year, one or two visitors, usually children, fall off the trail or run outside the trail, step on the thin mud crust and fall into the hot spring water.

Some adults ignore the rules in the park, but are often photographed and reported by others. On May 30, 2019, a tourist was photographed leaving the trail in Dalingjingquan Spring and faced a $5,000 fine. At the same time, because parks belong to federal territory, they are punished according to federal regulations. In July 2018, a man was photographed teasing bison on a road in Hayden Valley and sentenced to 130 days in federal court.