Hong Kong Cathay Pacific crew encouraged flight attendants to take sick leave to fly inland routes

 Hong Kong Cathay Pacific crew encouraged flight attendants to take sick leave to fly inland routes

(Tuyuan: Ta Kung Pao)

Overseas Network, Aug. 12, 12, the Hong Kong media again revealed that a Cathay Pacific Airlines crew members publicly shouted to disobey the orders of the Civil Aviation Administration. They also encouraged other flight attendants to take collective sick leave, strike the Inland routes, or take a series of non-cooperative operations on flights to the inland. In this regard, some members of the Legislative Council have directly criticized Cathay Pacific Airlines for its serious internal safety supervision problems, and some staff members have been robbed by radical ideas, which may pose a serious threat to flight at any time.

A few days ago, after the State Civil Aviation Administration issued a major aviation safety risk warning to Cathay Pacific Airlines, Cathay Pacific announced to the outside world that the pilots charged with riot crimes had stopped flying, and said that the safety of aircraft operation would be the primary consideration. However, Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao has repeatedly exposed that Cathay Pacific Airlinesbehavior and attitude are different, referring to its still indulgent behavior towards staff improper words and deeds.

According to overseas websites, just before Cathay Pacific Airlines announced its grounding motivation, its stewardesses still participated in illegal Airport rallies, talked loudly with radicals at the airport, and encouraged radicals to undermine tourism and discourage passengers from returning to Hong Kong.

In response, industry insiders said that after the severe warning issued by the National Civil Aviation Administration, Cathay Pacific Airlines announced that the handling of three employees could only be seen as a small step in the right direction. Cathay Pacific Airlines has not yet made a clear statement about some of its staffs participation in strikes and illegal gatherings. The arrogant and evasive attitude has greatly reduced the trust of the industry and the public in its aviation safety. Whether Cathay Pacific Airlines can guarantee the highest standards of flight safety and the due quality of service in the future has been achieved. Become a big question mark. If Cathay Pacific continues to ignore the interests of the general public and regards flight safety and high-quality service as a supply of political passion within the company, then it must bear the corresponding costs.

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