Where does the organization go in a week? China Foundation and others surveyed these stocks (list)

 Where does the organization go in a week? China Foundation and others surveyed these stocks (list)

According to industry classification, the companies surveyed last week mainly concentrated in the machinery and equipment industry, involving six companies. In addition, the number of companies involved in computer, food and beverage, chemical and other industries is also large.

According to Huachuang Securities Research Report, the mechanical equipment index fell 4.87%, the GEM index fell 0.73% and the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 index fell 4.79% in July. Machinery and equipment ranked 11th in 28 industries. After deleting the negative value, the valuation level of machinery industry (holistic method) was 27.79 times, which was lower than that in June. Among all the machinery stocks, the top three are Nanhua Instruments, Hangxin Potential and Yuhuan CNC, with monthly gains of 75.87%, 30.63% and 29.39%, respectively.

According to Li Jia, an analyst at Huachuang Securities, the growth rate of total manufacturing profits has declined and the subdivision sector has been divided. Data show that from January to June 2019, manufacturing enterprises realized a total profit of 2460.83 billion yuan, down by 4.1%. The total profits of consumer goods manufacturing and major equipment manufacturing remained on the increase, while the oil, coal and other fuel processing, paper and paper products, chemical fiber manufacturing, ferrous metal smelting and calendering industries declined significantly.

Li Jia further pointed out that in the second quarter of 2019, the seasonal impact subsided and manufacturing turnover growth returned to positive. In April, the growth rate of manufacturing turnover turned from negative to positive, with a slight decline in May and June compared with April. The growth of turnover rate in industries with different cycle attributes is differentiated, the growth rate of strong cycle manufacturing industry slows down, and the growth rate of weak cycle manufacturing industry recovers from the bottom. The turnover rate of most manufacturing subdivisions is slowing down. The turnover rate of furniture, textile, paper-making, instrumentation, computer, communication and electronic equipment industries has reached a new low since mid-2014 in early 2019. Li Jia also predicted that investment in textile, drinking and refined tea, fur and footwear industry, vegetation processing, non-metallic minerals, metals, electrical machinery and equipment, agricultural and sideline food, rubber and plastics, sports and other sub-industries will rebound.

These listed companies are the most concerned

According to iFinD data, Zhongshun Jierou had 158 reception agencies last week, ranking first; Qixing Chen had 132 institutions, ranking second, and Visual China had 97 institutions, ranking third.

In addition, the above-mentioned responsible person also said that the company has cooperated with a number of high-quality suppliers worldwide. All raw materials and pulp boards are imported. The settlement is mainly in US dollars, Hong Kong dollars and euros. In view of exchange rate risk, the company will reduce exchange losses through professional financial means, including: 1. daily close attention to the changes in the foreign exchange market, through adjusting the structure of foreign currency assets and liabilities, reduce the overall foreign currency liabilities, hedge the exchange losses caused by the devaluation of the RMB. 2. Foreign currency transactions are carried out at foreign exchange selling price, which makes the purchase cost of imported raw materials more refined. The company intends to carry out financial derivatives trading business in order to avoid exchange rate and interest rate risks, and formulate corresponding management system, so as to carry out financial transactions reasonably and effectively.

From the point of view of specific research institutions, private Suzaku invested in Wens shares, Starstone invested in Visual China and Bairun shares, 1000 joint ventures invested in Zhongshun and Jierou, Jinglin invested in Qianfang Science and Technology, Gaoyi invested in Zhongshun, Jiexingchen, and Freshwater Spring invested in Visual China and Qixingchen. In the aspect of public fund, Boshi fund investigates Visual China, Huaxia fund investigates Zhongshun Jierou, Qixing Chen and Wuyang parking, Jiashi fund investigates Visual China and Bairun shares, Southern Fund investigates Keming noodle industry, Visual China, Zhongshun Jierou, Yifangda fund investigates Zhongshun Jierou, overseas institutions. Firstly, Futon invested in car safety testing, Citibank investigates Zhongshun Jierou and Qixing Chen, and Morgan Stanley investigates Zhongshun Jierou.

Source: Responsible Editor of Securities Times: Yang Bin_NF4368