Jiangsu Company repurchased about 6.6 billion Su Ning Easy to Purchase in one year with a total investment of 900 million.

 Jiangsu Company repurchased about 6.6 billion Su Ning Easy to Purchase in one year with a total investment of 900 million.

According to the statistics of the Journal of Securities, 103 listed companies in Jiangsu Province issued stock repurchase plans after the new repurchase rules came into being on October 26, 2018. Statistics show that from August 10, 2018 to August 10, 2019, 79 listed companies in Jiangsu have completed the share repurchase plan in one year. They are Yuanda Holdings, Hongda Xingye, Guotai Jiangsu, Kangli Elevator, Shunchang Australia, Runfa Yangtze River, Shentong Jiangsu, Shijia Science and Technology, etc. In addition, 21 listed companies such as Antarctic E-commerce, Tongfu Micro-Power, Tongding Interconnection and Galaxy Electronics are still under implementation. Share repurchase plans of Daya Shengxiang, Enhua Pharmaceutical, Shengli Precision and Dell Future have been approved by the shareholdersmeeting.

Judging from the amount of repurchase, there are 20 listed companies in Jiangsu that have spent nearly 100 million yuan to 900 million yuan to repurchase their shares. Among them, Suningyi ranked first in Jiangsu repurchase list with 900 million yuan of repurchase shares, Zhongtian Science and Technology ranked second with 412 million yuan of repurchase shares, and the repurchase stock plans of the above companies are in implementation; Leike Defense completed the repurchase implementation plan with 352 million yuan, ranking third.

From the point of view of repurchase purpose, from the point of view of listed companies themselves, the stock price of secondary market will naturally be increased as the stock price decreases, while increasing the earnings per share is a boost to the stock price, it also demonstrates the companys confidence in the long-term development of the future; from the perspective of equity incentives, repurchase stock will encourage and retain. The companys core talent, enhance the cohesion of the company, to the long-term development of listed companies to bring a certain role in promoting. The above analyst told the Securities Daily reporter, Regardless of the purpose of repurchase of listed companies, it has a positive impact on the stock market.

Looking forward to the future market, the above-mentioned analysts believe that the new regulation of thewarm windhas increased the flexibility and operability of the repurchase of shares by listed companies. Generally speaking, with the implementation of share repurchase and the successive disclosure of the plan, there are still more large-scale repurchase to be completed, and the pace of follow-up repurchase may be accelerated.

Source: Liable Editor of Securities Daily: Yang Qian_NF4425