Argentina mens volleyball team suspected of using discriminatory action against Asians to celebrate to attract dissatisfaction from netizens

 Argentina mens volleyball team suspected of using discriminatory action against Asians to celebrate to attract dissatisfaction from netizens

(Image: Intercepted from Sina Weibo)

Overseas Network, Aug. 12 (Tokyo Olympic Mens Volleyball Qualification Match Group F) was held in Beilun, Ningbo on the evening of November 11. The Chinese Mens Volleyball Team lost to Argentina by 2:3 points and was not qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games directly. Regrettably, an action of Argentinas players on the field caused dissatisfaction among Chinese netizens.

Sina Sports reported on the evening of November 11 that after the match, Chinese mens volleyball players generously admitted that there was a gap in strength between the two sides, and said that Argentinas mens volleyball team was indeed a world top team, but friendship did not change the goodwill of Argentinas mens volleyball team. Many people found that the Argentine mens volleyball team was suspected of discriminating against Asians when celebrating the group photo.

Argentine players are suspected of discriminating against Asians. (Image: Intercepted from Sina Weibo users)

That night, a picture of Argentinas players after the game spread on the microblog. Pictures show at least two Argentine players pulling their eyes with their hands and making squinting movements, including Argentine star Conti. This action has always been recognized as discriminating against Asians. Many sports accounts have also noticed this detail.

This move has caused discomfort among Chinese netizens.

Its a mockery of Asians. Why do you make a discriminatory action when taking photos? I dont understand. Its too obvious. This action is discrimination against Asians without any explanation. Winning the game, losing quality! The whole world knows what this means. So many people have learned from it, so many people have caused controversy because of this action. He cant possibly not know. If he knows to do it again, he will be a bit deceiving and hungry. Such comments abound on microblogs, and some netizens have noticed that Korean womens volleyball team has encountered similar incidents.

Sina volleyball said that Sina Sports had contacted an athlete who was familiar with Condi and learned from the other side that the reason why Condi did this action was because he wanted to imitate Damowa and did not mean to discriminate. However, this statement was quickly refuted by Chinese netizens.

Compared with the squint image, Damowa is obviously big eyes. Many netizens questioned, Is this similar to Damowa?

Damowa (figure: official website of FIVB)

What makes Chinese netizens even more angry is that just a few days ago, similar incidents just happened.

Russian womens volleyball coach Sergio Buzato made the squint movement. (Figure: Yonhap)

Russian womens volleyball coach Sergio Buzato (born in Italy) was accused by South Korea of squinting after she defeated the Korean womens volleyball team in the Olympic qualifying match recently. South Koreas National Volleyball Federation said Wednesday it would lodge a complaint against Russian womens volleyball coaches. According to Yonhap, FIFA has banned such acts. In 2017, Colombian football player Cardona made similar acts to Korean players, which was considered racial discrimination. It is not clear whether the International Volleyball Federation has relevant guidelines.

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