Whose family did the Golden Image Award of Hong Kong Rioters fall?

 Whose family did the Golden Image Award of Hong Kong Rioters fall?

Overseas Network, August 12, according to Ta Kung Pao, on August 12, radical demonstrators in Hong Kong have launched illegal attacks in succession over the past two months, causing much chaos. At the scene of the riots, some people always look familiar and can be called professional street performers. Many of them appeared as mothers in an attempt to win public sympathy and guide public opinion.

Lu Jincheng (Tuyuan: Ta Kung Pao)

However, this sad middle-aged woman is actually preparing for the opposition to run for the Kuiqing District Council Zhao Baoqin. Zhao Baoqin, known as a worker in the Qingyi area, actively participated in the political activities of the opposition and was a comrade-in-arms of Chu Kaidi and Fan Guowei, members of the Gangchao faction.

(Tuyuan: Ta Kung Pao)

In addition to politicians acting as vegetarians, people in troubled Hong Kong seem to be particularly fond of cosplay, with one person playing multiple roles. Some netizens noticed that the pregnant women who claimed to be injured in Yuen Long, the women who participated in the airport rally with yellow helmet masks, and the women in black dress masks who marched in the legal circle were surprisingly similar in their eyes, hairstyles and outlines. Therefore, netizens questioned that the same person was playing Cosplay constantly to create a false impression of numerous supporters.

Which of the three mothers can win the best actress of the Hong Kong Riot Gold Award? I believe that readers have their own answers.

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