A Chinese womans body clothes were found off the coast of Jeju, South Korea.

 A Chinese womans body clothes were found off the coast of Jeju, South Korea.

Figure: KBS News

Overseas Network, August 12, according to KBS News and Hannah Daily, Kim Mou, a 36-year-old Chinese woman, was found on the coast of Jeju, South Korea, four days after she disappeared.

According to reports, on the afternoon of 8 th this month, Jin Mou and her boyfriend went fishing in a port in Xiguipu City, Jeju. During the fishing, they had a quarrel over money issues. Then, Jin Mou lost his Union until now, and his boyfriend reported the case.

After the incident, the local police and fire department dispatched 822 manpower and helicopters to carry out a centralized search near the missing site.

West Guipu Police Station, Jeju, Korea (Yonhap)

At 1 p.m. local time on the 11th, a womans body was found by the police station of Xiguipu, Jizhou, at the seaside in front of a farm in the mountains near Hanjing, Jizhou, and her identity was determined by fingerprints.

Police said that when Kim was found, his body rotted more seriously, all his clothes were stripped, and no injuries were found.

Reported that the police will consider all possibilities, combined with Kims boyfriends confession, to identify the exact cause of death. An autopsy is expected on the 12th.

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