Hammer Technology Product Manager confirms that the new machine has come out

 Hammer Technology Product Manager confirms that the new machine has come out

As we all know, since the hammer technology is in trouble, after Luo Yonghao returned to the life of Internet Red, the future of hammer technology and the survival of hammer mobile phone have always been the concerns of netizens.

Previously, media reports said that byte beating (todays headline parent company) is developing smartphones, which are under the responsibility of Wu Dezhou, Vice President of Front Hammer Technology Hardware. Todays headline also responded generously: Before the byte beating acquisition hammer technology team, hammer interior planning this phone. Mobile phone project is more to continue the previous planning, to meet the needs of the old hammer mobile phone users.

In other words, the first mobile phone product in todays headlines will come from the planning and design of Hammer Technologies, which is now connected by todays headlines.

As for the new machine being developed, there are no details at present. Sources say it is not a flagship, and its configuration is not high. It will be launched in the second half of the year at the earliest, but there is still a lot of uncertainty. Whether Luo Yonghao himself or Hammer Technologiesofficial microblog of Nut Mobile Phone, has indicated that it will launch a new machine this year, but declined to give any details.

The new machine will be owned by Nuts, which is in line with its emphasis on cost-effectiveness rather than top-level configuration. At present, hammer technology has not completely stopped functioning, and even has been maintaining the development of mobile phones; second, hammer mobile phones continue to use the nut brand.

Source: Responsible Editor of Fast Technology: Yao Liwei_NT6056