DPRK Refires to Protest US-ROK Military Exercise Trump: I dont like military exercises either.

 DPRK Refires to Protest US-ROK Military Exercise Trump: I dont like military exercises either.

Foreign media said the South Korean military said that on August 10, North Korea launched two other aircraft believed to be short-range ballistic missiles into the eastern sea, the latest in a series of armed protests against the evolution of the Korean-US coalition forces.

In a press release, the Joint Staff Headquarters said: At present, North Korea is conducting summer exercises, and South Korea and the United States are conducting joint military exercises, in view of this, we believe that North Korea is likely to continue launching activities. Therefore, we have been paying close attention to the situation while maintaining a solid military readiness.

Reported that this is the fifth time since July 25 North Korea launched such aircraft.

South Koreas presidential palace, Tsing Wa Tai, said such military actions appeared to be aimed at demonstrating strength in joint exercises between South Korea and the United States. In addition, they aimed to test the capability of newly developed short-range ballistic missiles.

Reported that Seoul and Washington began to hold summer military exercises on May 5.

A senior U.S. government official in Washington said the United States is aware of North Koreas latest launch activities and is currently closely following developments with its allies.

According to Agence France-Presse on August 9, after turning a blind eye to a series of North Korean launches, Trump again showed rapport with North Koreas top leader, Kim Jong-un, on August 9. So far, the U.S. government has been trying to restart negotiations with Pyongyang.

Reported that, as in the past, the President of the United States relied on a three-page beautiful letter from the top leader of North Korea to show that everything was fine.

According to reports, in this very positive letter received on the 8th, Kim Jong-un explained to Trump the reason for the recent launch of short-range missiles, which is a warning for the joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea.

Trump first stated that he was not satisfied with the military exercises, and then immediately aligned himself with Kim Jong-uns position. He added: I never liked military exercises either. You know why? I dont want to spend money on this drill.

Reported that Trump in line with the highest leadership of North Korea, but also angry about the current dispute between South Korea and Japan, he said: They should reconcile, because it makes our situation very embarrassing.

Trump also said he wanted to meet Kim Jong-un for the fourth time, but did not give more details.

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