The city of Ulanchab is planning to open 363 5G network sites this year.

 The city of Ulanchab is planning to open 363 5G network sites this year.

On behalf of Liang Jianqiang and Du Xuejun, Ulanchabu Branch of China Mobile has a 5G network video call.

At 4 p.m. on August 8, Du Xuejun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Ulan Qab, dialed the remote video telephones of the Public Security Bureau of Ulan Qab, the Ulan Qab High-speed Railway Station and the Ulan Qab Branch of China Mobile through 5G network. The video process was very smooth, the dialogue content was very clear, and the high-definition picture gave people the feeling of face-to-face communication. This video call, though brief, heralds the coming of the 5G era.

Liang Jianqiang, General Manager of Network Integrated Maintenance Center of China Mobile Ulan Chabu Branch, told reporters that Jining District has now opened two demonstration sites, one in the old and new districts. For the fourth China Entrepreneurship Innovation Expo, Ulan Chabu Branch is expected to open 13 sites. At present, it has opened seven sites, and other sites are also available. In succession, 363 sites are planned to be opened in 2019, mainly covering urban areas, densely populated areas and commercial areas. It is expected to be officially commercialized by the end of 2019, large-scale commercialization by 2020, and 5G networks will be used by ordinary citizens by the end of 2019.

As the main force of informationization construction in Ulan Qab, China Mobile Ulan Qab Branch is seizing this historic new opportunity to promote a new generation of information infrastructure construction led by 5G to promote high-level inclusive access and high-quality public services. It is reported that China Mobile Ulanchab Branch is speeding up 5G site planning and actively promoting the integration of 5G and all walks of life.

People often say that 4G changes life and 5G changes society. What is the difference between 4G and 5G? Yuan Wei, Director of Wireless Products, Business Technology Section, Inner Mongolia Branch of ZTE Communications Co., Ltd., said: 4G is the connection between people. When 5G comes, it reflects more the relationship between people and things, between things and things. Connections, as small as our offices and office buildings, as large as logistics parks, smart industries and so on, will have a strong application on 5G.

At the same time, Yuan Wei said, With the arrival of 5G, we will see more 4K live broadcasting and 8K live broadcasting. Movies in one second, including AR, VR and other game experiences. Following that, 5G network will explore various aspects such as autopilot, telemedicine and so on. 5G will bring us huge imagination space in the future society.

It is understood that compared with previous generations of mobile networks, 5G network has the advantages of low latency, high bandwidth and Dalian connection. Video call is only the front dish of the whole 5G traffic business. With the large-scale operation of 5G network, relying on the basic capabilities of video will lead to more colorful business, serving all walks of life.

Source: Ding Guangsheng_NT1941, Editor-in-Charge of Ulanchab Government Network