If someone shields you from the circle of friends

 If someone shields you from the circle of friends

So that evening Lulu went through the whole list of friends, then silently clicked into each others circle of friends, and then quietly quit, leaving no trace.

So Lulu began to think, when did it start, because of what things, let the original people who have nothing to say, become todays speechless, but think for a long time still do not understand.

When Lulu and I finished this story, I understood her feelings very well, but maybe life is like this, at some time, at some place, there will be a person who appears in your life, but when time arrives, it will disappear without trace.

Maybe you have given each other a lot of promises, maybe you have a lot of good stories, but when each other is getting farther and farther away, do not complain about each other, can accompany you on a journey, perhaps it is a great honor.

Whether it is friendship or love, when a person gradually away from your vision, away from your life, please believe that everyone has had to suffer, who has unspeakable pain.

It doesnt matter to shield the circle of friends. What matters is to learn to cherish every companion around you. No one will accompany you for a lifetime. We must always learn how to face separation.

Say Goodbye to those who are getting away. Dont force, dont regret, dont feel sad, the right person is waiting for you on the way ahead.