Why Dont be a stepmother easily? True Sharing from a 10-year Stepmother

 Why Dont be a stepmother easily? True Sharing from a 10-year Stepmother

Ming Yiyue has no say in this regard, but recently received a letter from a woman named Evergreen, in which she said that she was a stepmother of 10 years of marriage age. In one sentence, she described herself as regretting not having started.

Evergreen comes from Jilin, the northeastern woman is unique and forthright, let her fall in love with a divorced man with children at the age of 28. At that time, her parents strongly opposed it, but she was determined to marry. The reason is, I love this man, I love this child, you know, that child is polite, call me mother at the first time. And, you say, this is not fate between mother and son?

The first problem comes from my husbands ex-wife. Although the other side has its own new life, but in the issue of children, always questioned stepmother will never be good to the child, so every time the child and his mother reunion back, they will find fault with the evergreen.

The second problem comes from my parents-in-law. In fact, before marriage, Changqing felt that her parents-in-law apparently accepted herself, but actually questioned herself. Especially after marriage, she repeatedly overheard her parents teaching her children that after all, you must be careful. In other words, stepmother is not a mother. It was also at that time that I learned that the first time the child called for his mother was also taught by her parents-in-law, because her parents-in-law believed that by doing so, she would marry my son smoothly, and she would not abandon the child. However, they do not abandon themselves, but are abandoned by others.

In the logic of outsiders, stepmothers are evil-minded.

In order to be a good stepmother, Evergreen took pains to have no children for two years because she said, After I have built enough trust between my children and me, I will give birth to myself again, otherwise it will not be fair to any child. Later, at the age of 30, when I was pregnant, I was born, but from pregnant to pregnant, my stepson spent time at my grandmothers house. If you go to Changqing, please dont come back, because the child said, You have your own baby, what am I? In a word, she considers her children wholeheartedly, while the children believe that stepmother will not be good to herself if she has a baby.

At that time, Evergreen still firmly believed that when children grow up, they will understand my pains. However, before the children grow up and become clear, the contradiction between mother and son rises to white-hot.

Husband belongs to the kind of person who travels all the year round. Everything in his family is given to evergreen. Ten-year-old stepson would often beat his own daughter secretly, Changqing said a few words, stepson ran to his mother and grandmother to complain. The stepson skipped class and Changqing said a few words. The stepson telephoned his father to say that he had been ill-treated. Even later found that stepson stole money, played games, and even played with bad children, Changqing dared not care about it. It was her own mistake. Originally, she wanted to simply ignore it, save the children from complaining everywhere. The result was even worse. When everyone saw that the children did not learn well, the first time they came home to find Changqing, the reason was that Changqing was still the first time.u201c The stepmother just has a bad heart and no matter how bad the child learns, can you watch him jump into the pit of fire if he is born? Even her husband thought that she was deliberately ignoring the children. To whom did she complain about the grievance?

In everyones eyes, stepmother is not a mother, but stepmother must fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of her mother.

Mingyi thinks that maybe this is the real reason why it is really difficult to be a stepmother.

Why Dont be a stepmother easily? True sharing from a 10-year stepmother, if youre a woman, have you considered these issues before becoming a stepmother of a child?