North Korea openly and newly developed short-range missiles, saying they are superior to existing weapons systems

 North Korea openly and newly developed short-range missiles, saying they are superior to existing weapons systems

North Koreas top leader, Kim Jong-un, guided the test firing of new weapons on the 10th, KCNA reported Wednesday.

North Koreas latest test missile uses a box launcher. DPRK Labor News Map

Reported that Kim Jong-un received a report on the development of new weapons, directed the immediate test launch. When inspecting the new weapons at the launch site, Kim Jong-un said that the tactical characteristics of the new weapons developed according to the topographic conditions of North Korea and the requirements of the main battle methods are superior to the existing weapon systems. Kim Jong-un also explained the strategic and tactical intention of the Central Committee of the Korean Labor Party to hand over the development task to the national defense science department.

The report points out that through careful analysis of the test results, the superior and powerful design requirements of the new weapon system have been satisfactorily verified in reality.

North Koreas latest test missile uses a caterpillar chassis, with two missiles per launch vehicle. DPRK Labor News Map

According to the photos released by Korean official media, the missile launched on the 10th day is different from the previous open missile system in North Korea. It adopts box launcher and crawler chassis. The missile body is short and thick. The missile shape and system design ideas are similar to those of the US Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS). Because of the box launcher, the missile body does not need to be exposed outside, which plays a protective role to the missile and participates in the missile launching, thus greatly reducing the preparation time for the missile launching. The crawler chassis is more adaptable to the mountainous terrain of North Korea and has stronger mobility in complex terrain.

The US M270 multi-barrel rocket launches an Army tactical missile. It can be seen that both North Koreas latest test missiles and the U.S. Armys tactical missiles have adopted short and thick missiles and crawler chassis.

According to Yonhap News Agency on the 10th, the South Korean Joint Staff Headquarters said that at 5:34 a.m. and 5:50 a.m. on the same day, the Korean Army detected that North Korea had launched a suspected short-range ballistic missile into the eastern sea area in the Xianxing area on the southern road of Xianjing. According to the Joint Staff Headquarters of Korea, the flying altitude of the aircraft launched by the DPRK is about 48 kilometers, the flying distance is more than 400 kilometers, and the maximum flying speed is above Mach 6.1.

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