For the first time in more than a century: the RAF will allow soldiers to grow beards

 For the first time in more than a century: the RAF will allow soldiers to grow beards

BEIJING, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- The Royal Air Force (RAF) will be fully open for the first time in 101 years. It will allow the Air Force to grow a beard and show greater inclusiveness. The new regulations will go on the road on September 1.

DATA FIGURE: On May 15, 2018, the Royal Air Force 3rd Legion participated in a training session at Wadisheim Military Base in Suffolk to prepare for Prince Harrys wedding.

According to reports, the new regulations will allow the Air Force to retain a clean, trimmed beard. The RAF has agreed to amend the rules on facial hair. This decision will help the Air Force expand its recruitment target, enhance its inclusiveness and recruit high-tech personnel.

Although the Royal Air Force has opened the moustache on the upper lip, it has not fully opened the moustache on the palm. This time, the ban will be lifted completely, which will be in line with naval standards. The Army has not yet decided to change the rules, and is still only allowed to leave the upper lip. At present, however, both land, sea and air forces allow beards to grow because of religious beliefs.

Reported that the Royal Air Force spokesman said that the requirements for appearance remained extremely high. If the beard is messy and uneven, it is still not allowed.

According to the no-ban naval rules, members who want to grow their beards must first obtain the approval of their superiors, then grow their beards for a period of time and then undergo inspections, but it is not clear whether the Air Force will do the same.

Prince Harry, who belongs to the Army, wore an Army uniform at his wedding in 2018, but had a beard. He was allowed to grow his beard by his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II beforehand.

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