Should Sad be withdrawn? Romanian Land-based Aegis Upgraded

 Should Sad be withdrawn? Romanian Land-based Aegis Upgraded

[Global Network Military Report] Russias Satellite News Agency reported on August 9 that NATO recently said it had completed the planned modernization of the ground facilities of Romanias Aegis missile defense system. NATO said that after the completion of this work, the missile defense system did not increase any offensive potential.

NATOs announcement said: NATOs Aegis missile defense system deployed in Romania has completed a long-planned upgrade. The modernization of the whole Aegis system has not increased any attack potential of the ground missile defense system. NATO also said: The Sad system will be redeployed as planned.

At NATOs request, during the technical work and modernization of the existing ground-based Aegis system in Romania, the United States deployed the Thad Anti-Missile System (THAAD) to make up for the lack of combat effectiveness.

Russia accuses the United States of deploying launchers for anti-missile systems in Romania and Poland, which can launch Tomahawk cruise missiles banned by the Mid-Missile Treaty, which the United States says is purely a defense system.

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