In the age of traffic stars, is it really not possible on the big screen?

 In the age of traffic stars, is it really not possible on the big screen?

2: It can be said that the denial or even abuse of Shanghai Fortress is closely related to the huge flow brought by the deer.

3: At that time, it was Deer Hao who led them to the peak of traffic. Now, Deer Hao has closed the door of the movie starring traffic stars.

About two years ago, when online writers danced to answer Lu Hao and Guan Xiaotongs love story, they mentioned that in his Weixin group, they asked who had used the deer hairpin in their works, because they thought that such a high flow of traffic would not be a fire.

As a result, Jiangsu and South Africa often rustle out: I, I, the deer used in the Shanghai Fortress... Ha ha ha.

Now, the answer is known to all. As of 18:00 on August 11, the third day of the release of Shanghai Fortress, the score of Douban dropped to 3.3 points, and the box office was just over 100 million yuan. Compared with the six years of preparation and the investment of 360 million yuan, the double Waterloo of word of mouth and box office has doomed the end of Shanghai Fortress. Even the Peoples Daily criticized it so hard: Wandering Earth lost its face to Chinas science fiction masters, but also to Shanghai Fortress?

Jiangnan must be unable to make a fuss. Teng Huatao, the director who just made the top search list with the apology statement, may be sad, sad and grieving in his heart. Why was he so overwhelmed with denial and abuse because he used a deer hairpin, and even raised it to the level of destroying Chinas science fiction?

An unprecedented car rollover

Whoever has the will behind it, in fact, the reason why Shanghai Fortress uses deer hairpin is simple: when it starts in September 2017, it is still an era of traffic economy, and deer hairpin is the top representative of traffic stars.

However, the Chinese film market has undergone tremendous changes in recent years. From Warwolf 2 to Operation Red Sea, Wandering the Earth, and The Coming of the Devil Child, many people have this question: In the age of traffic stars, is it really not possible on the big screen?

In fact, some people regard Shanghai Fortress as another domestic sci-fi masterpiece after Wandering Earth and the traffic star represented by Lu Hao as the last hope of the big screen, which is the first year of Chinese sci-fi movies launched by Wandering Earth. A few days before August 9, Lu Hao, Shu Qi and other people like Shanghai The performers of Fortress performed road shows in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changsha, Suzhou and other places, and the scalpers speculated the premiere ticket price to nearly 1,000 yuan.

Before its release, in addition to the successive cheers from the major media, director Teng Huatao even wrote an open letter full of emotion to the crew, which is full of self-intoxication.

Sometimes I admire Jiangnan very much. The book just writes the four wordsShanghai Cannon, which we present in the film for several years.

No one could have imagined that the unprecedented rollover had come so soon.

On its first day of release, Shanghai Fortress scored 33.2% of its filmmaking, higher than The Devils Child Comes into the World, but in the end, it had a box office of less than 75 million yuan. By August 11, however, the production rate had dropped to 10.2%, far below the 11-day release of Heroes of Fire.

The films Douban score was 4.2 points, and then declined. As of the evening of August 11, the Douban score of Shanghai Fortress was only 3.3 points, with 114,390 evaluations. Of these, 60.5% gave one star, 22.5% gave two stars, 11.8% gave three stars, and the remaining four stars and five stars were only 2.9% and 2.4% respectively.

What is the concept of such a score? There are more than 3.8 points in the critically criticized The Trail of the Knights, and none of the four movies in the Little Age series has scored less than 4 points. Even, relying solely on emotional support, but the anti-heavenly lineup can not save the Macau Wind and Cloud 3 also has 4.1 points.

Under the box office and word-of-mouth double Waterloo, the most praised and quoted was a netizen who commented that Chinese science fiction movies started in Wandering Earth and ended in Shanghai Fortress.

Box Office of Shanghai Fortress

Flow is the original sin?

Regardless of whether the final box office of Shanghai Fortress can break 200 million, it has become a common understanding that it has completely pounced. This means that investors such as HuaTV Entertainment, which owns 30% of the investment share of Shanghai Fortress, will inevitably settle down at a huge loss.

There must be many reasons why a movie has suffered such a rollover, such as starring, scripting, production, special effects, publicity and distribution. However, what is really worth noting is that the vast majority of questioning public opinion, but concentrated on the main actor Lu Hao.

Knowing that, one of the highlights answered, This film is settled, and the reason is very simple and rough, that is, the actor of Deer Hao.

Before the release of Shanghai Fortress, reporters also heard a few people around them say, Lets just play the deer. I dont want to see it. What science fiction movie does little fresh meat play? Is it funny? The reason why many people refuse to watch Shanghai Fortress is not necessarily that the ratings are too low, but that there are deer hairpins on the list of leading actors.

In the course of watching the movie, the reporter noticed that the men around him had three laughing places. One was Jiang Yang, played by Lu Hao, who took up arms to shoot at the alien invaders in order to protect a little girl; the second was when Jiang Yang replaced Luyi, a member of the team, returned to the battlefield to command the battlefield; the third was when Jiang Yang took himself as a target to help Shanghai University. The gun aimed at the alien mother ship and roared Shoot at me.

Even though there are some stereotypes in these scenes, if they are not deer hairpins, Im afraid they wont make straight men laugh.

In fact, the whole film, although the performance of Deer Hao is not natural enough, not inspirational enough, dressing is controversial, but objectively speaking, the audience who really watched the film will also find that compared with the past, Deer Haos performance in Shanghai Fortress has improved to a certain extent, although it has not reached the bright spot, but It is unfair to blame Deer Hao for the failure of Shanghai Fortress.

Public opinion focused on the deer haw, but also because he brought his own traffic. Producers and investors need his traffic and expect it to bring box office and word-of-mouth returns. After all, in the era when Shanghai Fortress was launched, to some extent, it was traffic stars + quality publicity = box office guarantee, The Little Age Series, Zhi Youth 2, Old Gun and Theres a Place Only We Know which, despite their different reputation, gained a lot of box office.

And the poor performances of the actors, in addition to Lu Haos own acting skills to be polished, also blame the scriptwriter did not have a wonderful story, no scientific world outlook set, but also blame the directors poor tuning and shooting techniques, and even blame the dubbing of the whole film.

In other words, in the current BUG everywhere, inexplicable, lack of co-ordination, extremely uncoordinated film, even if the main actor is not Lu Hao, even if the main actor is replaced by Wu Jing, I am afraid it will only cause a lot of abuse.

u2014u2014 Because its hard to imagine that if Warwolf 2 or Wandering the Earth were a bad movie, people would be so chasing the bill.

The Little Age series has a bad reputation but a good box office

Close the Flow Film Gate

It can be said that the denial or even abuse of Shanghai Fortress is closely related to the huge flow brought by the deer.

Originally, it was only a case of failed movies, but it became a carnival feast for people to cheer and beat down the traffic stars.

Around 2015, Chinas film market was dominated by a strange trend: the flow of movies. At that time, most movies with traffic stars, even if the content is empty, the logic is not clear, and the production is poor, can ultimately achieve good box office results.

As a result, the film market is full of crude movies. Despite the poor experience of watching movies, investors always make a lot of money. Flow stars are also willing to work tirelessly with directors of all walks, regardless of the theme, regardless of their own capabilities, and make great efforts to squeeze into the film circle - which is better than Feng Xiaogang, but also to pull on Wu Yifan; Zhou Xingchi + Xuke + Westward Journey three IP, but also on the list of Wu Yifan + Lin Renewal reasons.

A person working in the film publicity company disclosed that:

In the past few years, the Internet and traditional enterprises have been pushing hard for entertainment circles, but they cant read the script. Second, they dont know how deep the water in entertainment circles is. They have spent money to create a flow era.

The underlying rule that these companies do not understand is that the core of traffic stars is to sell people to set up rather than to sell works - fansability to make lists, create momentum, and do data is super strong, but the result is that the flow value of tens of millions, billions of dollars, really can be converted into box office is very few. Market reaction is not a simple brush flow, can be achieved by laying a list.

More importantly, traffic stars are no longer a commendatory term. In the speculation and marketing of traffic stars, the audience is already tired. They have irreversible resistance and disgust to traffic stars, and express their plans with practical actions. This point, whether it is Lu Hao or Wu Yifan. Or Cai Xukun, who recently competed with Jay Chou for the championship list, should have deep insights.

So, cant traffic stars produce good works? Not always. After all, Zhang Han, as a supporting role in Wolf of War 2, is also remarkable.

Flow star as the star, is that box office poison? Now, yes.

This is because, but also the result - in that year, it was Luhan who led them to the peak of flow as king. Now, Deer Hao has closed the door of the movie starring traffic stars.

Movie version of Sansheng III, Shili Peach Blossom defeated Warwolf 2

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