Media Comments on Back-of-Grade Poor Students of Peking University: Why People Are Afraid of Peking Universitys Deterioration

 Media Comments on Back-of-Grade Poor Students of Peking University: Why People Are Afraid of Peking Universitys Deterioration

What exactly do people expect of Peking University?

Allow me to circle around and talk about myself first. Its been ten years since I graduated from Peking University in the blink of an eye, but I still remember clearly the expression of the head teacher when I volunteered after the college entrance examination. In my rank, Tsinghua and Beidou are barely able to attend. The head teacher does not know why he wants me to report to Tsinghua, but I say, I just want to go to Peking University. At first, the head teacher was a little puzzled, and soon realized, You are suitable to go to Peking University. His expression made me know that he must have recalled all the bad things I had done in the past and decided that I would be the same as the odor of Peking University with the label of freedom.

In fact, freedom of thought, inclusiveness has never been a formal motto of Peking University. But I really had a long-standing obsession with Peking University, but I could not remember when and where the seeds were planted. But I remember my disappointment with Peking University when I entered Yanyuan.

At that time, I was a junior high school student, full of unrestrained, big and improper ideas. I thought the campus should be full of my kind, but found that everyones goals are practical. For example, many people start thinking about going abroad from their freshman year, learning English, saving points and doing business step by step. How come nobody cares about the big things I want to care about? Everyone is pragmatic. It seems that I am the only one who takes duty as his career. I think this can be any university, but it shouldnt be Peking University.

I later learned that I thought too much. Peking University in reality is never the same thing as Peking University in legend. The real Peking University has not much color of dreams. It is an ordinary small environment in the big environment and can not bear the high expectations of the outside world. But after my disillusionment I found a new reality - I wasnt really lonely.

Like me, there are many Peking University people who are persistent and love to think more. We just cant find each other. Legends may be false, but the ripples in the hearts of everyone willing to believe them are true. In response to the lyric, The unnamed lake is an ocean, and the poets are hiding under the water. Souls are all fish, and they jump up from the water.

The legendary Peking University exists not only in the hearts of Peking University people, but also in the hearts of onlookers. People thought that Peking University should be extraordinarily good, but found that when the ordinary standards of Peking University did not meet, there would be great indignation. A wise Peking University should realize that behind righteous indignation is a huge commendation. Only when people care about Peking University can they be afraid of its deterioration.

So when people make big articles about small things in Peking University, they should not be blamed for overusing their emotions. For example, the retirement of poor counties from Peking University is not only a matter of enrollment autonomy, but also a matter of Peking Universitys attitude to the rules, and the attitude of elites represented by Peking University towards the bottom represented by poor counties.

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