14 days high-level still banned Manchester United fans renting planes and pulling banners: Get out of Grazer

 14 days high-level still banned Manchester United fans renting planes and pulling banners: Get out of Grazer

Review of the past:

Manchester United fansfive souls tortured Glazer: How can Sandra Hode get a raise? Will it take 158 years to pay off the debt?

In 2005, the Glazers bought Manchester United. For the past 14 years, the Glazers have been in dispute, and fans believe they have used Manchester United as a private property and a means of making money. Whats more, the Glazers are only trying to make money, regardless of Manchester Uniteds life and death. Two weeks ago, unbearable Manchester United fans issued an open letter in which they asked the Glazers five questions and asked them to respond as soon as possible. Manchester United fans have stressed that they will never back down this time.

The Glazers did not respond to this request from United fans. Manchester United fans naturally refused to do so. They rented a plane before the tournament and let it fly over the Dream Theatre with a banner marked # Glazers Out. Before Manchester Uniteds VS Chelsea match, many fans saw the banner, and the TV footage showed it to the whole world.

On the Internet, Manchester United fans have been crazy about # Glazers Out and # Woodward Out recently. Today, after the banner appeared over Old Trafford, Manchester United fans issued a statement declaring responsibility for the incident: Today, a plane flew over Old Trafford Stadium, which expressed our dissatisfaction to the club. The club has not yet responded to our open letter. The club has been silent for 14 days. In other words, they have been silent for 14 years.

As a Manchester United fan, oh no, as acustomerof Manchester United, were used to that. But that does not mean that we will always accept it. This summer, many people expressed their dissatisfaction with the club, but the top managers chose to ignore and silence. The story has just begun, 2005 has passed, 2010 has passed, when we all protested, but did not respond. This time, we will never stop until the club makes the changes that satisfy us.

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