Whats the secret of saving money 10 years earlier than parents?

 Whats the secret of saving money 10 years earlier than parents?

Chongqing Evening News - Intern Fu Qianfeng, upstream journalist Wang Wei

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Controlling consumption as much as possible

Name: Zhou Xingming

Age: 25

Zhou Xingming said that his method of saving money was formulated by his girlfriend, and they began to implement it in September 2018. Since then, they have changed from the former moonlight clan to the present savings clan. Under our income level, they have saved more than 30,000 yuan in 10 months, which is still very powerful.

Zhou Xingming earns more than 5,000 yuan a month, and his girlfriend who works in logistics earns 4,000 yuan a month. They have been together for more than two years. Because of Zhou Xingmings parentspromise, they will take the apartment back for their marriage after the lease of the small apartment in Nanan District expires. They realized that they had no pressure to buy a house, so they became moonlight clan freely. When we thought about living in a wedding room in the future, we just need to pay some decoration fees, so we really have no worries.

But one experience in 2018 changed their minds. Zhou Xingming said, Once we attended a good friends wedding and gave out red envelopes, our mobile phone balance was only over 200 yuan. It took another week to get paid, and we felt we could not live like that again. And if it goes on like this, there will be no money for the decoration fee in the future, let alone the marriage and the birth of a baby.

In September 2018, the Savings Plan was officially implemented.u2014u2014

Accommodation: They rented a hardcover apartment in Three Gorges Square for 2200 yuan a month. In the first step of implementing the saving plan, they moved into Notting Sunshine District to share the rent with their girlfriends colleagues. The rent is only 1,000 yuan per month.

Travel: Zhou Xingming said that because they always have the habit of taxi when they go out, they unload all the taxi software in their mobile phones and use public transportation such as rail transit and bus for their trips.

Entertainment: In terms of entertainment, the former two people went to the movies twice a week, but now they only stay at home to pursue dramas, and travel is reduced as much as possible, and are mainly peripheral travel. We dont go to the gym anymore, we run and walk in the community.

Eat and drink: In the past, people attended various dinners together with two people going to have a big meal. In the evening, they ordered takeout from time to time. The monthly meal cost was about 2,000 yuan. Nowadays, apart from working meals, both of them try to cook at home. Even milk tea, coffee and other drinks are replaced by milk tea powder and coffee powder.

Shopping: Instead of buying clothes they used to like, they now pay attention to the public numbers of shopping malls, collect discount information and compare prices before shopping, Of course, the cheaper you are, you have to control the quantity.

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Start a part-time job to earn tuition

Name: Yu Qunfang

Age: 23

Vocational: Students of Chongqing College of Humanities and Technology

With the coming of summer vacation, Yu Qunfang has become more busy. She only returned to Pengshuis hometown for a few days, then returned to the company headquarters in the main city to start work. If you want to make money and save money, you have to spend time and sweat to realize your dream.

During the freshman semester, Yu Qunfang joined the Home Creative Company, which sells dormitory supplies. She often sweeps between different dormitories after class in the evening. Initially, a lot of closed-door soup was eaten. In order to open up the market, she created her own sales methods, and actively taught other students the life skills of making beds and overlapping quilts. Through high-quality service, she won the trust of students and gradually made her sales path smoother and smoother. Today, she has become the head of the companys brand campus, leading a campus sales team.

Yu Qunfang said that through these efforts, he came down in the first year and solved the problem of tuition fees in the next year. The next year, I not only saved enough tuition fees for the next year, but also no longer needed to ask for living expenses from my family. When it comes to holidays, I can buy some gifts for my parents and send them back. At first, I wanted to lighten the burden for my parents, but now I enjoy the feeling of experience and growth in my work.

Save money in advance and plan well

Name: Jiang Qiong

Age: 24

Occupation: clerk

Being single, without any credit cards, and working alone in Chongqing for more than a year, Jiang Qiong believes that saving money is to make herself feel safer and more confident. As a result, she has been saving money in a planned way.

On the 10th of each month, Jiang Qiong will transfer 2,000 yuan to his savings card immediately after his 4,500 yuan salary is paid. If there are colleagues who need to give gifts when they get married or have babies, they should save less according to their needs. But once its deposited, its absolutely impossible to touch the money again.

Jiang Qiong said that she would make planned expenditure for the remaining salary. Every sum of money, such as food, rent, travel and shopping, has a corresponding proportion of consumption. This can urge myself to spend as much as I want, but not as much as I should. Otherwise, its easy to spend all my money unconsciously.

Jiang Qiong also said that this way has stimulated their own earning potential, in order to spend more pocket money to buy clothes, they also take into account some micro-business work in their spare time. Although I have only saved more than 20,000 yuan now, only if I am willing to save money can I get more money bit by bit, which will also make me feel that the future is promising.

Save money for the better in the future

According to Tan Gangqiang, a career planning and career development consultant, there is a good saying: Choosing moonlight is to spend money now; choosing to save money is to spend money in the future.

When more and more post-90s people begin to abandon their moonlight life and become money savers, it also represents the awakening of self-security and financial consciousness of this generation of young people, who realize that saving money is for a better life in the future.

In fact, saving money is nothing more than planning and controlling the money spent, and doing some financial management within the scope of their own risk tolerance. Regardless of which way of saving money is adopted, it is suggested that accounting be the first step. Only by knowing each expenditure clearly, can we save or control consumption purposefully.

Source: Responsible Editor of Chongqing Evening News: Han Yukun_NBJ11142