Shanghai Disney met the public opinion typhoon because Lichma closed the park for the first time and refused to refund tickets.

 Shanghai Disney met the public opinion typhoon because Lichma closed the park for the first time and refused to refund tickets.

The power of Lichma is not small. Affected by it, many scenic spots in Shanghai have opened the Closed Garden Model since August 9.

On August 10, Shanghai Pudong New Area released the latest information. Disney Resort and 42 registered parks and other large-scale tourist and entertainment places have all taken closure measures to fully complete the work of personnel evasion and transfer. Among them, the Shanghai Disney Resort (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Disney) announced the temporary closure of the park through the official microblog on the evening of August 9. Daily Economic News reporter noted that this is the first time that Shanghai Disney has suspended its opening for weather reasons since its opening in June 2016. This temporary closure for security reasons led to the discussion of refund of tickets.

In the closing notice issued on August 9, the official Weibo of Shanghai Disney only gave a rescheduling plan to the tourists who bought the tickets on that day, but did not give a refund plan. As a result, the discussion area of the Weibo was very lively and attracted many media reports. However, at noon on August 10, Shanghai Disney adjusted the solution and gave the way of refund.

Controversy over Typhoon Closed Garden No Refund

The resort is closed. What about the tickets for the designated day? This is a question many tourists have in mind. In response, on the evening of August 9, Shanghai Disneyland offered a solution in its notice of closure: visitors who have purchased tickets for August 10, 2019 can visit Shanghai Disneyland within the next six months (that is, before February 10, 2020, including that day) on an optional day.

In addition, another scenic spot, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, which is also suspended from opening, offers an unconditional refund of tickets or an optional one-day visit to Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park before December 31, 2019 (including that date).

By contrast, most tourists are not satisfied with the solution of Shanghai Disney that only delayed admission can not be unconditionally refunded.

One netizen left a message in the microblog commentary area of the solution of Shanghai Disney: Hello, Shanghai Disney, our family bought 4 tickets for 8.10 (August 10). But because of the problems of family work and children going to school, we cant have the chance to visit Disney within six months, and we cant postpone it because we only ask for leave. On that day. I sincerely hope that your garden will consider the difficulties of customers like me, and I would like to refund some of my tickets. Thank you. Together, we had a typhoon. We hope we can understand each other. Up to the time of press release, the comment had received more than 50,000 points of praise.

Gao Fei told Daily Economic News: Article 94 of the Contract Law stipulates that if the contract cannot be fulfilled due to force majeure, the parties concerned can cancel the contract. Typhoon weather is force majeure. Disney refuses to refund the money, and only agrees that the rescheduled treatment scheme is not in accordance with the law. Definitely, but also very impersonal, should give consumers more choices.

Many airlines can be refunded free of charge

Shanghai Disneyland then adjusted the solution. At 13:25 on August 10, the official Weibo of Shanghai Disneyland issued a new statement, which said, Visitors who are unable to visit in the next six months can contact the original purchasing channel for refund.

In response, Gao Fei said: Although the statement does not have legal issues, but consumers transfer or refund, but also need the consent of operators, its operation in practice is not very large.

In fact, the impact of typhoon weather on tourists is not only reflected in the suspension of the opening of scenic spots, but also in the impact of traffic.

According to CCTV News, as of 8:00 on August 10, Hongqiao, Pudong, Hangzhou and other airports were closed for some time, and 2398 flights were cancelled, while 527 flights were cancelled at Nanjing, Ningbo, Wenzhou and Zhoushan airports. At present, Air China, Eastern Airlines, Southern Airlines, Spring and Autumn Airlines, Lucky Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and other airlines have cancelled some flights related to August 10.

However, airlines have provided refund schemes in time.

Source: Daily Economic News Author: Zhang Xiaoyin Responsible Editor: Wang Xiaowu_NF