Dialogue Zhou Ting: When I retired at the age of 40, I was reluctant to compete with the post-00s.

 Dialogue Zhou Ting: When I retired at the age of 40, I was reluctant to compete with the post-00s.

Zhou Ting: Language ability is really not as good as Qin Sheng (source: Netease Sports)

I had no doubts at forty

The conference rooms of one team are simply furnished, with several sofas and two tea tables surrounded by white walls, like a simple person. Without a moments pause, there was a sound of footsteps in the corridor. A tall and strong figure appeared in front of the door, with sugar-free soda water in his hand and a calm expression on his knife-like face, but it gave a sense of oppression without anger and arrogance. Fans familiar with the Chinese Super League knew that this distinctive face belonged to Zhou Ting.

Anyway, Chinese football cant get around the name of Zhou Ting. At the age of 18, he boarded the professional competition field. He has gone through Wanda, Hongta, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guoan and one side, from Jia A to Zhongchao. He has never been absent. Yes, he used to be a controversial Chinese Super Guard, but after more than 20 years of career, he has become the living fossil of Chinese professional football.

Perhaps since childhood, Zhou Ting, who is 40 years old this year, has maintained a strong figure and face, just as he did when he was young. But time ticks, age has become the middle-aged man can not bypass the topic, on hearing the word, Zhou Ting burst out with a chuckle.

When it comes to age, it feels like a blow to me. I feel a little like a woman now, always struggling with age.

Sometimes my daughter-in-law says,Youre forty. Why do you kick again? But Im really contradictory. Did I just quit? But retirement is still unwilling.

I had no doubts at forty. Not confused, is in front of various choices, can listen to their own inner call, not affected by the outside world. Football field is not only an arena, but also a vanity ground. How many people come and go on this stage, suddenly holding you up to heaven, and suddenly pulling you down to hell. Zhou Ting has created miracles by persevering, advancing and persevering in these deadly pulls. However, Zhou Ting gave a final answer to the question of retirement.

I just dont want it! Enjoy the joy of football.

More than 20 years of career, the starting point is happiness, and ultimately return to happiness. This is a free and easy after a thorough career.

But forty does not mean giving up the struggle against fate and the continuation of career dream. Now Zhou Ting, in the face of increasingly fierce competition between China and the Super League, is practicing harder, and from time to time with the post-90s and post-00s young people to compete. Just before the interview, he practiced in the strength room for a while. He said if he didnt even have the desire to win, how could he stand here?

Childrens childhood, you can get along with the time is these years, coupled with my work is busy, with their time is limited. So in the spare time, we try to walk with our daughter-in-law and children, eat and play with them.

Like most middle-aged people, Zhou Ting has reached the age of tea drinking, and will adjust the types of tea according to the season. Drink green tea in summer and black tea in winter. He denied that he had any secret of keeping in shape. He said that because he was old, many things would not be done, such as training, not because he was suffering, because he gave up because he was hot. Nevertheless, he inadvertently revealed some details: he did not like meat, preferred seafood, and paid attention to his diet.

At 400 games, Zhou Ting received a collective tribute from the media. Dalian fans also made a giant TIFO for him. The collective shouted Zhou Tings name in the 12th minute of the game. Nowadays, the voice of controversy seems to have faded away, replaced by a feeling of football adherence. But this turn in public opinion. Zhou Ting has a sober understanding.

I dont think you have the same attitude towards me as before. Now everyone is more tolerant of me, which I can feel. As for me, we should be self-aware and put ourselves in a right position. We give you this face, not because of your level, but because you play longer and are older.

Eyes of the beholder

Zhou Ting of that year, but not now this indifferent. For home fans, hes an angel, for visiting fans, hes a devil. Over and over again, shovels, yellow cards, so that Zhou Ting shoulder a lot of famous football outside. Whenever a controversial move comes along, it is followed by a flood of abuse and a repetition of Chen Sesames rotten millet.

In the 2013 season, Zhou Ting kicked the football in his arms when his opponent fell down. After the match, he was criticized by fans and the media. Zhou Ting thought he had gone to the pool and sent a reply on the internet. As a result, a stone stirred up a thousand waves.

Outside the window, the noise of the past Games seems to be still there, but the silence in front of us has formed the contrast of time and space staggered. Between speech and manners, its hard to connect the tall and thin man in front of you with the violent fouls on the court. Zhou Tings language ability is not bad, his speech is clear and his logic is clear. Nowadays, he no longer justifies his actions, he said:

Everyone came from a young player, who was also at the age of making mistakes, and football was a game full of confrontations. At that time, some controversies, including abuse, never took it seriously.

Later, I cared about the controversy because I had a family. I had to make some changes for them. I could not make these bad effects on my wife and children. From a boy to a man, you cant just think about yourself.

No responsible person can do anything well.

Im at this age, and I care more about fame, to put it plainly. Career at this age may end in another year or half a year, and honor is more important than anything else.

But controversy is controversy, yellow card is yellow card, no one can deny Zhou Tings ability. He was one of the top defenders in China. His career is not without honor. In 2000, he helped Yunnan Hongta Chong A succeed. In 2009, he won the championship cup with Guoan and scored a goal in the championship match. In the 2017 season, he joined the Dalian side to bring the football city back to the top flight. In addition, he won the Asian Cup runner-up in 2004 with the National Football Team.

Fallen leaves return to the roots -- to revert to ones origin

If I choose a word to describe my career, its luck.

In Zhou Tings own words, he started his career very smoothly. As soon as I came on stage, I directly participated in the Asian Championship competition, but I had technical problems in the competition and was sent to the reserve team, which hit me hard.

Zhou Tingkous technical problem refers to the 1998 Shanghai Four Nations. On the day of the match, because he was late to catch the teams bus, Xu Genbao, then Wanda coach, suffered a great decline in his heart and was eventually forced to leave Wanda. Because of his excellent technology, Zhou Ting did not worry about leaving home at that time, and was soon taken up by the then avant-garde Laoshima. As a result, just about to join, the avant-garde Laoshima team has been in turmoil, Zhou Ting can only carry his bags again. In the next six years, Zhou Ting changed three teams from Yunnan to Qingdao, and then from Qingdao to Shenzhen, experiencing various farces, such as salary arrears, investors running and self-paid transfers.

Now Zhou Ting talks about these things as if he were telling someone elses story: From Wanda to Red Pagoda, this experience, you say, is bumpy, not bumpy, but it is by no means smooth.

Perhaps the most difficult time was when I went to Shenzhen from Qingdao. But the so-called difficulties, there are many ways, not to say that difficulties affect your life and eating, is your choice will affect the future life, fortunately, I chose the right, I went to the National Security.

I participated in the competition in 1997, and I experienced the most among the active players. I am from the best time of Chinese football, suddenly to the worst time, and now to the best time.

Three years ago, in November in Beijing, it was cold and windy. In Guoans playerscorridor, a dark shadow gradually became clear. It was Zhou Ting, who appeared on the players corridor with his two beloved sons in his arms countless times. For the veteran, all the players and fans gave warm applause, as if igniting the worker. At that time, everyone felt that it would be Zhou Tings last time to step on the sports field.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Ting chose to stick to his fate. Under Sun Jihais lead, he finally returned to his hometown where he had been away for nearly 20 years and put on Dalian teams Jersey again. A year later, one side succeeded in overtaking the others. Zhou Ting himself did not think of this fantastic reality.

When I left Guoan and came to Dalian, I didnt expect to be able to help the team return to the Chinese Super League at this age.

From the age of 35, Zhou Ting has been saying that he wants to retire, but until the age of 40, he is still fighting on the field. He has become accustomed to the question of when to retire. At first, he always states the year, next year, next year. In order to continue this year, he has been training, competing, competing and training continuously.

Of course, Zhou Ting also pays great attention to the small teammates. He often tells his coach that if he can, he should try his best to get young people on board. But whether Cui Kangxi or Benitez, when fighting hard, they are willing to take it with them last week. This season away to Hengda, Zhou Ting stood at the center of the five guards position, with the resurrection of the blood of Elkson carried 85 minutes. A draw was held for one side in 80 minutes. Some people say that he is the conscience of Chinas Miura, but Zhou Ting said that they are different, people play forward, and he plays guard. But compared with a 50-year-old striker, it seems that a 40-year-old main guard is more valuable.

Forty years old, for a man, is the end of a stage, because he has said goodbye to life or passion, or struggle, and replaced by a quiet and calm. For Zhou Ting, football is no longer a hobby, no longer a job, but a way to enjoy life. I hope this enjoyment can continue to accompany him, but also let the fans who care about him enjoy the joyment of football. Just like Roman Roland said: Recognize the truth of life, and still love it!

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