5G mobile phones are coming. 4G mobile phones have been sold for 1000 yuan.

 5G mobile phones are coming. 4G mobile phones have been sold for 1000 yuan.

It is said that electronic products buy new products rather than old ones. Coincidentally, recent sales platforms have also set off a wave of price reduction of 4G mobile phones, quite a clean inventory attitude.

This week (August 16), Huawei Mate20X (5G) will be on the market. In a previous research paper, CICC said that Huaweis sale also marked the beginning of commercial popularization of 5G mobile phones in China.

It is said that electronic products buy new products rather than old ones. Coincidentally, recent sales platforms have also set off a wave of price reduction of 4G mobile phones, quite a clean inventory attitude.

According to the statistics of Tianmao Platform, there are more than 30 4G mobile phones on the platform to start price reduction recently. Among them, the price of Huaweis main model, P30Pro, dropped 500 yuan, while popular models such as millet 9, vivoX27, Note9, followed the pace, down by 100-400 yuan. Prior to that, OPPOFindX was down 1,000 yuan and Magic2 was down 700 yuan, setting a new low price. Overall, the mainstream mobile phone brand declined by about 10%, individual more than 30%. It is worth mentioning that Huaweis P30Pro, millet 9 and so on have only been listed for three or four months.

Skycat 4G Cell Phone Price Reduction List (Image Source: Volkswagen)

According to the Shenzhen Business Daily on the 8th, Tianmao said that in recent years, 5G mobile phone in Tianmaos search volume has increased 27 times. The 5G listing price is lower than expected, which also makes consumers pay more attention. Previously, it was said that the operators test of 5G mobile phones should start at 10,000 yuan, but from the recent price announced by major mobile phone manufacturers, it is about 5,000 yuan.

In the following time, a happy annoyance is placed in front of the consumers who are ready to change their mobile phones. Is it now to buy a 4G mobile phone cheaply, or to start a new 5G mobile phone?

Industry experts: Only half a year is left for 4G handsets to turn around

If consumers go to physical stores to sell, they may see a lower price than online.

According to the Metropolitan Express, taking the Hangzhou Broadway market as an example, the starting price of Huaweis P30Pro dropped to about 4,800 yuan, nearly 200 yuan lower than the official price; the top price of Mate20Pro dropped from 6,000 yuan to 5,200 yuan.

The price is also lowered by the iPhone, which is 300-500 yuan lower than last month. Among them, the lowest-end models such as the iPhone 8, 8P, XR and so on declined the most. The XR with 128GB capacity sold well has dropped below 5,000 yuan, and the top-fitting Max is only one step away from falling below 10,000 yuan.

According to a report on Volkswagen. com, a brand worker said that although the price reduction was not directly related to the launch of 5G mobile phones, the expectation of 5G mobile phones led many consumers to wait and see for 5G mobile phones. In this context, mobile phone sales in the first half of this year fell by 20% to 30% compared with the same period last year. Due to the pressure of inventory and capital, the main purpose of this round of price reduction of 4G mobile phones is to digest the existing stock.

According to Metropolitan Express, a distributor said that the price reduction began in 618, with more and more brands participating and more efforts being made, and the model was expanded from the old model to the new one.

The distributors also said that Huawei is the most obvious growth in sales at present. Many years of loyal iPhone users have switched to Huawei, buying their own P30 and P30 Pro, and then replacing their elders with medium-and-low-cost or glorious mobile phones. Basically, they exchange mobile phones for users, and buy several at a time. Considering system consistency, some mobile phone users will also buy Huawei TV, which leads to the popularity of this product is currently on the market exotic goods.

Every Xiaobian (micro-signal: nbdnews) noticed that on July 30, Canalys released a report on the smartphone market in China for the second quarter of 2019, which showed that shipments of other mobile phone brands declined year-on-year. In the second quarter of 2019, Huahua shipped 37.3 million smartphones, which was the second largest OPPO shipment. More than twice the volume, the reverse trend of shipment increased 31% year on year, and the market share reached 38.2%. This is the highest market share of all mobile phone brands in eight years, Canalys said.

According to Shenzhen Business Daily, There is still half a year left for the turnaround period of 4G mobile phones. Chen Chen, director of the mobile phone industry of Tianmao, said that in March next year, 5G mobile phones are expected to reach the price range of 3000-3500 yuan, when the 4G mobile phones will face greater pressure.

Domestic mobile phones are ahead of the iPhone

On July 26, Huawei officially released its first commercial 5G mobile phone, Huawei Mate20X (5G), at an official price of 6,199 yuan. Reservations will be opened through all channels in the afternoon of the launch of the new machine and will be officially launched on August 16. As of 18:00 on August 11, Huaweis official website showed that nearly 300,000 people had booked new mobile phones.

Photo Source: Huaweis official website

On August 5, ZTE also officially launched the first 5G mobile phone Axon 10Pro5G version, which was sold nationwide on the same day at a price of 4999 yuan.

In addition, millet, OPPO, vivo and Yijia will launch 5G mobile phones in the third quarter of this year. Vivo announced recently that its sub-brand iQOO mobile phone will officially release the 5G version of iQOOPro in Beijing on August 22.

Its worth mentioning that Apple has been slow to disclose plans for the launch of the new iPhone, and probably wont launch 5G mobile phones this year. From this point of view, domestic mobile phones have taken the lead.

The sale of Huawei also marks the beginning of the commercial popularization of 5G mobile phones in China. Smart terminals such as AR/VR, wireless headphones and IoT hardware will also benefit from the landing of 5G, which will bring a new round of development dividends to the consumer electronics industry chain, CICC said in its research paper.

Photo Source: CICC

CICC believes that the penetration of 5G mobile phones will continue to increase this year and next. In the neutral scenario, 5G mobile phone shipments were expected to reach 5 million, 95 million and 260 million units in 2019-2021, respectively. With the acceleration of global 5G construction and terminal progress, 5G mobile phone penetration progress will have the opportunity to exceed expectations.

Photo Source: CICC

In the capital market, the speculation around the 5G mobile phone industry chain has begun. As of August 9 (last Friday), every small edition (micro-signal: nbdnews) of Huawei, a better-performing supplier, Lixin Precision, has increased 94% this year, and Shanghai Telecom shares have increased 160% this year.

Photo Source: CICC

5G Base Station Construction Need to Keep up

According to the International Finance Daily, Li Lin (pseudonym) was the first taster of 5G mobile phones. He said that apart from a 5G logo printed on the back, the 5G phone looks no different from the 4G version. Before the 5G experimental network, experience this mobile phone, download movies, watch videos really faster, download a 2G movie, only a few seconds. But now we cant feel too much difference. The upper right corner of the mobile phone still shows a 4G signal.

At present, users can not feel the advantages of 5G mobile phones, mainly because the construction of 5G base stations has not kept pace.

According to data released by Beijing Communications Administration, by the end of July, China Tower Company had delivered 7863 5G base stations in Beijing; data released by Shanghai Economic and Credit Commission showed that as of June, more than 3000 5G base stations had been built in Shanghai; data released by Guangdong Industry and Information Office showed that by the end of June, Guangzhou and Shenzhen had already built 5 G base stations. Five thousand and three hundred and seventy-seven 5G base stations have been built and opened respectively.

In Shanghai, for example, the local target was to build 10,000 5G base stations in 2019, but now it is more than half the time and the task has not been completed.

The development of 5G business will also be an important driving force for domestic operators to increase revenue in the future. On August 8, as the largest operator in China, the semi-annual report handed over by China Mobile has rarely seen a synchronous decline in revenue and net profit. China Mobile explained that with the saturation of the traditional telecommunications market and the rapid decline of traffic dividends, it is difficult to sustain the growth of performance simply by relying on traditional factors. The industry as a whole shows negative growth, and the companys revenue and profit also bear greater pressure. China Mobile also plans to build more than 50,000 5G base stations nationwide within the year to achieve 5G commercial services in more than 50 cities.

In addition, both China Mobile and China Telecom offer 5G free experience activities to users who buy 5G mobile phones through regular channels from August to September, including 100GB traffic per month and 5G rate experience with a maximum of 1Gbps (gigabit).

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