Interview with Shuhao: The Sino-US Basketball Gap at 2 Penalty Points or the Level of Impact

 Interview with Shuhao: The Sino-US Basketball Gap at 2 Penalty Points or the Level of Impact

Netease Sports: Not long ago, you were invited to attend the CBA Draft Conference, and this time you attended the Haoqun Fund Summit on the Development and Exchange of Chinas Sports Industry. Obviously, you are very interested in the development of Chinese basketball. Can you talk about some differences between Chinese basketball development and American basketball?

Lin Shuhao: When I train Chinese children, I think that Chinese basketball mainly needs to strengthen two aspects. The first is shooting. Chinese children need more flexible and coherent shooting movements. Second, creativity. To become a professional player, you have to integrate into the team system, the coach will arrange a fixed position, but in this system, you can also rely on intuition to play, trust your intuition, play freely, not so rigid. Compared with the United States, China may have to strengthen these two areas.

Netease Sports: Can we summarize it as a question of basketball IQ?

Lin Shuhao: You can say that, but its not that simple. Because you cant say that the basketball IQ of Chinese players is very low, but one of them needs to be strengthened. In other aspects, Chinese players are excellent.

Netease Sports: Coming all the way from Lin Madness, you have met some troughs. What kind of inspiration do you think these experiences can bring to Chinese children who like basketball?

Netease Sports: You and Yao Ming attended the CBA Draft Convention before. What topics did you talk about?

Lin Shuhao: Just greet each other and say hello to each others family. Its not too formal. We basically have a meal together every year, share some ideas with each other, exchange some information, such as basketball school, Haoqun fund and so on.

Netease Sports: Do you know what Yao Ming is doing now?

Lin Shuhao: Not particularly, because we dont have much time to talk. Usually he listens to me more.

Netease Sports: Yao Ming has more experience in organizing charity tournaments. Have you ever sought his experience?

Lin Shuhao: I invited him to participate in charity competitions, but I also know that he is very busy. I participated in charity competitions run by him. We talked about these things. I really think Yao Ming is a very good person. He has been focusing on helping poor childrens public welfare activities. I look at him and feel inspired.

Netease Sports: There is a famous saying: Not just athletes. In fact, Yao Ming and you are doing very well in this respect. How do you view the change of athletesidentity and the social value they should assume?

Lin Shuhao: I think players are stars. Stars have social responsibility. We should use the platform to do something. Players shouldnt just play well and make a lot of money. If they just play and make money, all the players themselves will not be satisfied. I think the phrase not just athletes is very important. Athletes are just beginning to understand how to use their voice and platform to help others.

Netease Sports: NBA superstars are gaining superpower. Some people say that this years free-agent market is too crazy. Do you think its good or bad?

Lin Shuhao: Its too early for me to judge. On the one hand, the free market is really dramatic. Everyone thinks its crazy or something. The news is very hot. But on the other hand, players have been changing teams, which may affect their competitive status. For example, Kuri, Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant have not changed their teams in their entire career. Its hard to say whether the stars frequent decision-making will affect the way he plays, the level, the market and the appreciation of the game in the future. Its hard to say whether its a good thing or a bad thing. I really dont know if the stars will be good or bad in the end, after only a year or two of odd jobs and then going to be teammates with good friends.

Netease Sports: Super starssalaries are getting higher and higher, but other players salary increases are not obvious, and the gap between rich and poor is widening. What do you think of this situation?

Lin Shuhao: Its acceptable to me. Because in the end, what were looking at is how much money players make for the team, and the money is made by these top-paid stars. So I think its OK for superstars to get such a high salary, even if I dont get the top salary. Assuming Im a superstar of that rank, if the salary cap is so low, Im sure its unfair. So the league and the playersUnion now know what they make money on. If they make that much money, they can get a higher salary. I think its fair.

Netease Sports: The NBA has started a three-point wave. What do you think of this phenomenon?

Lin Shuhao: I think its very good. Look at the data analysis, the most efficient and opportune way to win is to dunk, free throw and three-point shot. This is not a question of should or should not be, but to win, it needs to change. I think the three-point tide is very good. It can improve the level of basketball and the efficiency of the whole player.

Netease Sports: What is the hottest team to win the NBA title?

Lin Shuhao: I dont think any team is the hottest. The League is different from before. Now the competition is more balanced. There may be four or five teams with similar chances of winning the championship. I dont think any of them is the strongest. But from the marketing point of view, it should be the Lakers, after all, everyone is concerned about them. From the standpoint of achievement and level, I dont think anyone is the absolute first.

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