After the collision, get out of the car and see if the injured person has been hit without warning signs.

 After the collision, get out of the car and see if the injured person has been hit without warning signs.

_The old man was knocked down by a black car when he crossed the road in rainy weather. The driver of the black car was calling the police.

After the collision, no warning signs were released, and he and the injured were hit and flew by another vehicle.

At about 23:36 on August 5, Jiangyou Public Security Traffic Police received an alarm that a traffic accident occurred in the eastern section of Shicheng Road in Jiangyou City. After receiving the police, the accident police immediately rushed to the scene, but when the police car drove to the Minghua intersection, the accident police phone rang again, the command center received a taxi driver warning that a traffic accident had just occurred at the intersection of the oil district, a white car hit two people and ran away.

Subsequently, the 8.5 Traffic Accident Escape Project was set up. By calling Skynet surveillance video, the police found an old man with a black umbrella crossing the road. At this time, a black car with the license plate number of Sichuan B893XX scratched with the old man when passing. After the accident, the driver of the black car parked the car and walked to the injured person for the first time, then dialed the alarm telephone. However, the driver forgot to place the warning tripod. Five minutes later, when the driver was pacifying the injured, a white car came quickly and collided them directly. However, the car did not stop, but accelerated to escape towards Fujiang Bridge 2.

Through investigation, the police found that the license plate number of the white car was a fake license plate of deer A66666. In order to grasp the key clues as soon as possible, the accident policemen carried out visits and investigations in the vanishing area of the accident vehicles overnight until about 16 oclock the next day. When they arrived at a section of the river circuit, they found that a white car and a light van had rear-ended the accident scene, the front bumper of the white car and the block. There are obvious cracks in the windshield, and there are still some human tissues left in the cracks. By comparing various information, it is confirmed that the white car is the vehicle suspected of causing the accident. It turned out that the car had rear-ended with a light van and escaped again during the escape.

_Rear-tail of White Car during Escape

A name on the insurance sign helps police find the driver who caused the accident

Subsequently, the police inspected the suspected vehicle and found that the name Qing Xiaomou was marked on the back of the insurance sign pasted on the upper right side of the vehicle windshield.

Immediately, Qin Wei contacted Qing Xiaomou by telephone, but the other side claimed to be in the field, and only admitted that there was a rear-end collision with a truck in the river circuit, and denied the collision. Qin Wei informs the consequences of the policy offensive. Under the pressure of the police, Qing Xiaomou returns to Jiangyou on August 7 to submit his case.

Qing Xiaomou explained that on the evening of August 5, he had a quarrel with his relatives about trifles at home, and then drove back to his home. When the vehicle was driving to the intersection of the petroleum district, a traffic accident happened. He ran away because he was afraid that he could not afford the corresponding compensation, but he ran after a small van parked on the road. In order to avoid the police tracing, he also intentionally took away all the items on the vehicle which contained his information.

Huang Nanhu Hongxing journalist Tang Xiaojun

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