Thank you TFBOYS for May SJ Silver Hertzs 6th Anniversary Concert

 Thank you TFBOYS for May SJ Silver Hertzs 6th Anniversary Concert

TFBOYS and Li Hezai

Netease Entertainment reported on August 12 that on August 10, the 6th Anniversary Concert of TFBOYS was held in Shenzhen. On the 11th, TFBOYS microblogged pictures of Li Hezai, who was only in the background with guest Mayday and concert director Super Junior, and expressed his expectation for more cooperation. Later, Li Hezai forwarded the microblog and congratulated the sixth anniversary concert on its successful conclusion. A Xin also wrote congratulations on the success of the concert.

On the evening of August 11, TFBOYS official microblog sent an article thanking Maydays 6th Birthday party, saying: Thank you Maydays predecessors for coming to TFBOYS 6th Birthday party, thank you for the guitar gifts we prepared for us, and for adding pounds of love value to theconfession of the Fever, it is super contented! May my brothersBeijing Birds Nest concert be a great success! You remember to see it! In the photo, Mayday wears black clothes, three small people in the same White Costume stand in the middle, thumbs up to the lens, two generations of idol groups are in harmony.

Later, TFBOYS official blog updated the microblog, exposed the photo with SJ Lee Hezai, and expressed gratitude, wrote: I am honored to invite brother Lee Hezai to act as director of the sixth anniversary concert of TFBOYS, you and the team presented us a perfect show, looking forward to more cooperation with our predecessors! Later, Li Hezai forwarded the microblog and congratulated him on the successful conclusion of the concert, saying, I feel very lucky that the concert ended successfully. Sincerely congratulate you on your sixth anniversary and wish you a better growth in the future. Its really hard in hot weather. Its a pleasure to be able to work with all of you. See you next time!

Mayday singer Ashin then updated his microblog, writing: At your age, monsters, Martha, I just started the group, and you have stood on the stage of billions of eyes. After witnessing the seriousness of your works, the quality of your performances, and the friendliness and courtesy towards the people around you, I am more convinced that your achievements are not falling from the sky. Too hard for you, in the age of ordinary children laughing and playing, you have carried countless peoples eyes and expectations. These three guitars of the same style were specially made by our master, Brother Li Zongsheng, and handed them to you personally. I hope you have a fruitful youth full of friendship and joy.

After the microblog was exposed, netizens crowded around and left messages saying, Quality Idol Group! Maydays predecessors are the best idols! I wish the Beijing Birds Nest concert a great success! Looking forward to more cooperation from you! ___________ The sweetest gift box! Happy cooperation!

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hanchong_NBJ11345