Paris fans scolded Neymar: Get out of here! The most disgusting player ever!

 Paris fans scolded Neymar: Get out of here! The most disgusting player ever!

At the Princes Park in St. Germain, Paris fans played the slogan Neymar Goes Egg in the stands, and fans kept shouting insulting slogans such as Neymar, XX Raises. In addition, some Paris extremist fansorganizations distributed pamphlets attacking Neymar in the stands, calling him the most disgusting player in the history of Paris Saint Germain Club.

The Parisian newspaper interviewed several fans randomly on the pitch, who were dissatisfied that Neymars high-priced arrival had failed to help the team break through in the Champions League in the previous two seasons. Even the home fans attacked Neymar publicly, which shows that Neymar is no longer the darling of Paris, fans can accept his departure this summer.

Neymar joined Paris St Germain for a record transfer fee of 220 million euros in 2017, but he suffered a lot of injuries in the first two seasons and spent nearly half of his time recovering from injuries. And Neymars professional attitude has also been criticized by fans for returning to Brazil without the clubs permission during his injury. In addition, Neymars transfer rumors have been ongoing, and he does not have a sense of belonging and enough respect for Greater Paris.

Recently, media reported that Neymar had decided to move to Real Madrid this summer, and Paris and Real Madrid have reached a principled agreement on the transfer. For Neymar, who has lost the support of Paris fans, it may be a good choice to return to the familiar La Liga arena.

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