Lampard responded to Mourinho: Ignore the experts, I can only use people like that.

 Lampard responded to Mourinho: Ignore the experts, I can only use people like that.

On the front line, Lampard started with two new recruits, 21-year-old Abraham and 20-year-old Munter, who worked hard on the pitch but never helped the team much. In his commentary, Mourinho believed Lampard should play Giroux and Cantor. Even if Cantor can play 30-35 minutes, he should start. If he can play for an hour, let him play for an hour. My feeling is that Chelsea should have more experienced players today. Mourinho said.

Alonso is sitting on the bench, so is Cantor, and so is Gilu. Look at Munter, Abraham, and look at Christensen... You have to be prepared for the intensity of the game. Coming to Old Trafford, the visiting team is always afraid, even if Manchester United is no longer the old Manchester United.

Lampard did not buy into Mussinas doubts. He responded to his former mentor: I dont have to pay attention to what other people say, especially the experts. Whats more, my team is the best one that the team can produce at present. I believe in my decision. I couldnt pull the wounded out of the hospital, whether they were veterans or recruits. Today, our starting 11 and the players sitting on the bench are all the players we can use at present.

We all miss international players and big stars, but I dont want to make excuses for that. For a long time, our team was full of competitiveness. However, we made four mistakes, which pushed us to the abyss. This is a great test for us. From a game point of view, this is not a 4-0 confrontation, but we have to accept the facts. Lampard said.

Finally, Lampard stressed: We cant buy new people this summer. But I am confident in these gifted young people. So we have to make it clear that we will persevere in promoting young people in situations where many people are injured and cannot be invoked.

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