Hong Kongs besieged driver: 500,000 yuan for repairing a car and still willing to stand up for others

 Hong Kongs besieged driver: 500,000 yuan for repairing a car and still willing to stand up for others

Mr. Chens van was destroyed by the mob. (Fig. from Dagong Network)

Almost want to die, very sad. Three months after the new car went down, it was gone. If you can pull it out, if you can pull it apart, you can pull it down. The car dealer said that the maintenance cost was over 500,000 yuan (HK$, about 450,000 yuan).

Mr. Chen said that his economic situation was affected by the incident, so that he had to leave hospital early and work with injuries.

In fact, the hospital was against my discharging, but there were four words `stop by hand(a Hong Kong saying means stop working and have no food). Mr. Chen said, I lost money for the next day or two. I had to pay for renting other cars and continue to work. What if I died of pain, I had to work as well.

On the night of the attack, Mr. Chen fell to the ground. (Fig. from Dagong Network)

However, Mr. Chen also said that many people wanted to help him afterwards, which made them feel warm.

Then something really warm happened... Many people want money to support me because of this. He said, I wanted to die on Sunday (July 21). So did Monday. (But) I really told me from Tuesday that what Im preaching now is that Ill give you the torch today. In the future, if you have the ability, youll give the torch to someone else.

Mr. Chen gave some news interviews. (Video capture)

He said he happened to be at the airport that night, but didnt know about it until he came home to watch the news. Because he had also been abused by the black-clothed mob, he could feel the old mans mood and feel guilty about it.

I was cursed to death by them that night. I really wanted to die. That night I was surrounded by people like this and scolded... And its for the elderly. When I heard that, I felt guilty, crying, angry, angry with myself.

On July 26, black-clad thugs blocked elderly passengers at Hong Kong Airport. (Video capture)

The point news mentions that many people on the Internet say Mr. Chen is stupid because he knows exactly what the mob is like and has to get off and go to theory. In this regard, Mr. Chen said that everyones real courage is like a mosquito (Cantonese, meaning one yuan), which is no longer used, but if you can help the bullied people, the mosquito is worth it. So he was silly that day because his courage didnt help anyone else.

But did you say that I was worth it that day (July 21)? I certainly thought it was worth it at that moment. But as a result, like a bear, its beaten like a dog... But when I think about my family afterwards, Im dead, what about my family?He said,What should I do with a mosquito? If I drive by and see a person being bullied, I stop and go down to save him (no matter) and get any harm from it, its worthwhile to use the mosquito.

At the end of the days report, the point news left a rather thought-provoking question: Is Mr. Chen the real fool?