Violence escalates again Peoples Daily Overseas Edition: Hong Kong A Sir supports you to the end

 Violence escalates again Peoples Daily Overseas Edition: Hong Kong A Sir supports you to the end

The mob attacked the Hong Kong police with American weapons (source: Netease)

On the evening of November 11, illegal extremist activists threw petrol bombs at police in Hong Kong, causing serious burns to a policeman. Violence has escalated again and again, and the black terror sweeping through Hong Kong is becoming more and more intense. At this moment, we must stand up for the Hong Kong Police Force, which is fighting hard on the front line, because the police force stands for the rule of law, the peace of Hong Kong and the interests of the people.

This past weekend, Hong Kongs non-governmental organizations held a National Police Support Day event. Hundreds of thousands of people went to various police stations to send their heartfelt cards and supplies to the police. They said, The police have worked hard, I support you, A Sir refuels, to express the overwhelming majority of Hong Kongs citizenssupport for the police force. This is the positive energy transmitted by the silent majority of Hong Kong society. The Hong Kong Police Force, which is under great physical and mental pressure, needs such positive energy. Hong Kong, which has been plagued by riots for two months, needs such positive energy.

Having more than 30 pounds of equipment and heavy riot-proof clothes, he confronted the mob for twenty or thirty hours in the hot streets of Hong Kong. He was attacked by bricks and gravel, unknown liquids, sticks and iron sticks, laser pens and petrol bombs all the time. He had no weekend, no rest time, and had no time to eat, so he had to pick up two snacks in the street. When tired, sleep on the road, beside the pit and canal, take plastic roadblocks and cardboard boxes as pillows... This is the routine of the Hong Kong Police Force for two months.

Since the outbreak of the storm of amendments, the Hong Kong police have been under tremendous pressure to hold their posts fearlessly, enforce the law professionally and restrainedly, and deserve the praise of the worlds best police force. However, they are being treated unfairly by public opinion. Internal and external anti-China forces denounced them as violent law enforcement; opposition media and foreign journalists only filmed camera footage of the police confronting the demonstrators, but not of the mob attacking the police; many police received threatening phone calls, more than 2,000 police contacts, family addresses were made public, and even their families were cursed and humiliated. Curse...

The police force is the pillar of maintaining public order in Hong Kong and the last barrier to social stability. Those who conspire against Hong Kong are well aware that if they want to disrupt Hong Kong, they must first destroy the police force, so they do everything they can to injure the police limbs, deplete their physical strength, attack the morale of the police force and damage its reputation. The goal is to destroy the police force and plunge Hong Kong into anarchy.

In a recent video, a radical demonstrator mistakenly poured unknown liquids on himself, fell to the ground in pain, and the police next to him came to the rescue for the first time. During this period, the news of mob no attack on the police, alarm in case is not uncommon. It can be seen that even masked mobs who dare not show their true face also know that the police force is the security guarantee. Liu Sir, a Hong Kong police officer, recently said in a mobile phone text message: The Hong Kong police have the ability to deal with these mobs. They just hate that they are Chinese too. No, no, no! Its really heartbreaking! I wonder if the extreme radical demonstrators will have a prickling conscience when they see this sentence.

The riots in Hong Kong hurt far more than the police. Metro is blocked, public transport is not feasible, workers are in trouble, businesses are forced to shut down, tourists are deterred, Hong Kongs reputation and image has been seriously damaged. Hong Kong can no longer be in turmoil. It is imperative to stop the riots and restore order. To achieve this goal, we must first ensure that the police force can strictly enforce the law, resolutely enforce the law and act in accordance with the law.

The central banner clearly supports the rigorous enforcement of the law by the police force. All sectors of Hong Kong society, including the silent majority, are increasingly sounding the alarm. Recently, a thank-you letter from Hong Kong citizens to the police was published on the front page of the Hong Kong Singdao Daily in full-page advertisement. The letter said, I hope Hong Kong citizens will work together and firmly oppose any illegal acts. We firmly support the law enforcement of the Hong Kong Police Force, uphold the core values of the rule of law in Hong Kong and protect our beautiful homeland.

If justice is twisted into a rope, the distortion of public opinion will be rectified, the deviation of reason and heresy will be invisible, and the society will be able to return to a clean and upright atmosphere. All parties, including every ordinary citizen of Hong Kong, should make concerted efforts to say no to violence, violation of the rule of law, and conspiracy against China and chaotic Hong Kong. They should clearly support the Hong Kong Police Force in enforcing the law and restore order and tranquility in Hong Kong as soon as possible.

Source: Author of Overseas Network: Wang Ping, Editor-in-Charge: Zhao Yaping_NN9005