Yongjia Mountain Early Village after Typhoon: Damaged villagers dare not close their eyes

 Yongjia Mountain Early Village after Typhoon: Damaged villagers dare not close their eyes

Direct typhoon

Due to the transit of Typhoon Liqima, landslides occurred in Shanzao Village, Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province, resulting in flash floods and steep rise in water level, causing casualties. As of 16:00 on November 11, 23 people had been killed and 9 had lost contact.

Early on the 11th, a reporter from China News Agency saw in Shanzao Village that more than 20 hours after the typhoon passed, the village was ravaged, houses were badly damaged and some areas were razed to the ground. At present, surviving villagers have returned to their homes to rescue materials and clean up mud. Their eyes were bloodshot, and most villagers shook their heads in silence in the face of interviews by reporters.

Some families have disappeared, and some villagersrelatives have not been found yet. They really cant accept it. Its very hard to suffer. These days, Xu Wenhai, Secretary of Shanzao Village Party Branch, has not closed his eyes. All survivors, including him, have experienced a nightmare.

Villagers escaped from swimming on the third floor

Along the muddy mountain road into Shanzao Village, a turbulent River first came into view, and the village was built along the river. In front of a house by the river, Xu Xianpeng, a villager, picked up a bamboo chair from the dirty house and his wife Dai Jinliu stood by.

Just the day before, a landslide caused by a heavy rainstorm blocked the river. Within 10 minutes, the highest level of mountain torrents reached 10 meters, and about 120 people in the village were besieged.

Because of the typhoon, I didnt fall asleep all night. I looked out of the window several times and saw the water rising and washed away my chickens and ducks. It was about 4 a.m. before dawn. Dai Jinliu said.

Soon after, the water rose to the second floor where Dai Jinlius family lived. She immediately ran to the third floor with her husband, son and mother to escape the disaster, and feared that the house was not strong enough. She swam from the third floor to the back hill.

The water is not only rising fast, but also running fast, and Im afraid of it. It took several minutes to swim up the hill, just a few meters away. When he reached the back hill, Dai Jinliu remembered his father-in-law and mother-in-law who lived not far away. The bedroom of the two old people was on the first floor. At that time, he had a feeling that they would not be able to run out in time.

When Dai Jinliu looked in the direction of the old mans residence, he saw that the house that could have been seen was soon flooded. It happened very quickly at that time, and I immediately saw that the house had disappeared and the two old men had disappeared...

Speaking of this, the conversation was interrupted for a time. Dai Jinliu looked at her husband Xu Xianpeng in silence. Xu Xianpeng took a deep breath and then said, Now only my father has been found, but not my mother. I dont know if there is much hope for rescue. We are still waiting.

Closing your eyes is a disaster. Everyones eyes are filled with sadness.

On November 11, many affected villagers returned to the village to clean up the ruins.

When the reporter saw Xie Zhixiang, a villager, he was washing the mud on the ground. When he came to the stairs leading to the second floor on the first floor, his footsteps stagnated in place.

It was here that I found my cousin yesterday. He saved his father and fell here before he could run. Xie Zhixiang sighed.

At three or four oclock in the morning, suddenly, when the family was awakened, the water had reached the second floor. Xie Zhixiangs cousins first reaction was to rescue the elders who lived on the first floor.

Xie Zhixiang said, His grandfather is over 90 years old, and his father is 70 years old, because he choked water when he escaped and is currently in hospital for treatment. My brother-in-law and nephew are all safe, but my cousin is gone.

Some villagers in other villages heard about the disaster in the village, and rushed back to the village without stopping. Xu Fengzhou was one of them, and he could not believe it until he saw with his own eyes that the peaceful villages of the past were now in ruins.

After the disaster, every villager was in a heavy mood. Xu Fengzhou said that although everyone was very tired, many villagers dared not close their eyes. Once they closed their eyes, they could always see those pictures lingering in front of them.

Li Xiaoying, who also returned to the village from other places, sat overnight outside the door of the disaster relief command room. Her house had been completely destroyed, and none of the five relatives in the house survived.

On a villagersmobile phone, a call record always stopped at 4 a.m. on the 10th. At the time of the accident, he was calling home. He was still talking well, but he stopped at once.

On these two days, when the villagers gathered together, the exchange of words became redundant. Their eyes showed pain, and finding nine villagers who had lost contact became their common expectation.

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