Chelseas defence is in full swing! Wheres the courage to sell Louis?

 Chelseas defence is in full swing! Wheres the courage to sell Louis?

Zumas performance, trusted by Lampard, was terrible, and he was seen as the backboard for almost every goal conceded. One epitome of Zumas game was the opening 7 minutes, when he lost the ball in the penalty area, but fortunately his shot was saved by Kappa and the Blues did not lose the ball earlier. Manchester Uniteds first goal came from Zumas generous delivery point. Rushford burst into the penalty area, and Zuma reached out his long thigh and kicked Rushford down, giving Manchester United a penalty kick and leading the way, when Joso had followed him completely unnecessarily. Behind the loss of the ball, there is always a figure of him struggling to recover but helpless, Zumas performance can only be described by the word disaster. Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, a guest commentator in the studio, criticized Zuma for failing to block Rushfords shot space.

Of course, you have to say that the defeat is not appropriate for Zuma to carry the pot on his back. Jorgenio does not protect the defence well enough. Zuma and Christensen do not have a tacit understanding. In the face of Uniteds sharp direct passing and quick counter-attack, the Blueschaotic defensive line collapsed, because Lampard is afraid that he did not make any specific arrangements before the game. Looking at the Chelsea defence, which has been known for its stability and strength for more than a decade, the Blues fans may be crying.

The summer window of the Premier League has been closed and it is impossible to adjust the quotation. The ban has been invoked and the Defense Gates have been released. Unless both players had a holiday at Stamford Bridge before, the fundamental reason for Lampard fansself-confidence can not be explained at all. Unfortunately, before Ludig recovered, Zuma had to grind his teeth and continue to use Lampard. Fortunately, Lampard still has time. Next, home to Leicester, away to Norwich, home to Sheffield United are relegation teams except Blue Fox. One month later, before home to Wolves against Liverpool, the first thing to be done is to adjust the defence and choose the most suitable configuration among the limited staff. From this point of view, although the first season of the new season lost completely, but thanks to Manchester United woke Lampard and his Chelsea with a stick.

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