The woman returned home early in the morning and was frightened to move out of the community by a strange man following her indecent.

 The woman returned home early in the morning and was frightened to move out of the community by a strange man following her indecent.

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Horror! Early in the morning, when I got home, I was frightened by a strange man following an indecent woman and moved out of the community (Source: ~)

In the early morning of August 8, a young single woman in her 20s in Nanning was spotted by a strange man as soon as she returned to the community. The other party followed her into the elevator and made indecent moves.

It happened in Nanyuan District of Fengling, Huimin Anju, Nanning City. In the early morning of August 8, residents of the community reflected in the chat group that a woman was followed when she returned to the community alone, and the other party also made indecent acts. Property workers immediately transferred the monitoring to verify.

Monitoring screen showed that at 0:36 on August 8, a man in black, who had been waiting outside the elevator, entered the elevator car immediately after the woman and turned to the woman standing next to the floor button, making indecent actions.

About 40 seconds later, the woman who noticed something was wrong pressed the elevator button on the 18th floor and went out. The man did not follow him out of the elevator.

At 0:38, the woman took another elevator from the 18th floor to the 20th floor, but when the elevator door opened, the man appeared in front of her again and continued to make indecent moves in the corridor, which frightened the woman.

The woman then rushed home, while the indecent man took the elevator downstairs a minute or two later.

Property staff survey found that this year, white-dressed women in their 20s, living alone in this community has been more than two years. The man in black is not a resident of the community. That morning, accompanied by a friend, the woman went to the property service center for monitoring. At present, the police have intervened in the investigation. Residents in the community said that after the incident, women were in low spirits and had moved out of the community.

Reporters learned that Fengling Nanyuan is a public rental housing district, usually adopts a semi-open mode of management, personnel situation is relatively complex. There are more than 420 households on 33 floors in the unit building, most of which are single supporting apartments. Property reminds female households that it is best to accompany at night to improve safety awareness.

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