Summer of the Band adds three thicknesses to Chinese bands

 Summer of the Band adds three thicknesses to Chinese bands

Douban score was 8.6 at the time of publication.

New trousers after winning the first prize

Thickness of the Band Man Group

Before the launch of Lexia, many people thought that the mode of competition of mature bands could not work. After all, on the one hand, Super Band (non-Korean variety show) and Chinese Band had a rather bleak ending, while China Star also seemed incompatible with Dai Yan and Super Band on the other hand, Korea Super Band opened a new and interesting mode of breaking up and reorganizing musicians, and relied on them to each other. Since the superb skills harvested the reputation of bursting shed.

Before Le Xia, the Korean variety show Super Band harvested a wave of enthusiasm.

There is no reason why such an old-fashioned variety show can succeed. While the lineup of 31 groups of bands is luxurious, according to peoples inherent impression of bandmen, these guys should be the kind of variety malignant tumor that resists going on TV, does not cooperate with interviews, and eventually creates a cold field.

The first episode of the programme after its launch more or less confirms this concern. However, from the second issue, the group of bandmen has shown their richness and depth, young surprises have begun to appear, and old-fashioned fans have begun to show their accumulation.

The band needs all kinds of musical equipment. Picture/Visual China

Not to mention that buying a Gibson or Fender guitar can cost tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, even if the entry-level Epiphone guitar doesnt cost thousands of dollars. In addition, musicians have to buy a variety of effect instruments and accessories, and regularly pay for the maintenance of instruments and rehearsal room costs. When the performance is received, everyone else pays for it, and the band has to be divided by several people.

In this harsh environment, it is basically the most idealistic group of Chinese musicians who can choose to do it. For them, the momentary glory on the stage and the joy in the heart when they make a good song have a higher priority in life than other material factors. They are less likely to think about what they make money, what they do, so convergence is relatively low.

Every band we see in Lexia is very different. The persistence of idealism has shaped the moving story line of the hedgehog band, the artistic temperament of Mr. Turtle, and the rich and hierarchical overall presentation of the Chinese bandman in Lexia.

Thickness of a single band

Of course, although the performance quality of Lexia remained fairly good in the long process of the 12 issues, it still failed to completely break the spell of the ugliest final of Chinese competitive variety arts when it ushered in the final. The bands that stayed at the end of the season, though strong, gradually showed a slight gap in individual thickness between each band at the end of the variety show.

This Abstract thickness may specifically include: 1. the ability to continuously write audible melodies; 2. the skills to effectively mobilize the emotions of the audience by using various composing techniques; 3. unique aesthetics; 4. the ability to support the performance and singing strength of the work; 5. the ability to retain self-style in the context of change and progress. Lattice.

In the last round of Summer Theme Creation Competition, most of the bands reserves have bottomed out in some way, making this round the worst in the whole season. Lets start with the most surprising Jiulianzhen people and Click #15. Since the second episode of Jiulian, it has gradually been restricted by the immaturity of melody creation and live performance ability, resulting in a sense of the weaker the strikes the weaker. Of course, this year they have learned how to increase the fullness of their works by changing their priorities, compared with the nine consecutive times when Zhang Yadong pointed out in another match last year that only one sixth chord can be used for composing music.

Jiulian Living Mans One Wave Scene

However, in the Summer Theme of One Wave, although the topic selection and on-site interaction is still wonderful, but the whole songs fragmentary melody creation has caused a cliff-like decline in audibility, bringing a strong sense of separation, the final work is difficult to establish, so that they finally stop in the top seven. And in their future, how long will the treasure house of Hakka folk songs last, whether the dialect bands line can go on, and what kind of answers should the first album hand in not only deserve their own thinking, but also need experienced A&R (record companys department responsible for excavating, training singers or artists) to point the way for them.

Looking at Click #15s BFunk ForSummer Troops created in a hurry, the degree of completion is so low that it is almost based on the lyric recitation of two peoples improvisational instrumental music performance, which exposes Rickys short board in singing and melody creation. It is true that Funk emphasizes rhythm, but no one has completely abandoned the creation of melody like this from James Brown, Marvin Gayer, the early masters of Funk, to the most popular Uptown Funk in recent years. Although they eventually entered Hot5, the problem of monotony is still a time bomb.

Click#15 Performance Site

Surprisingly, the most notable shortcomings in the creation of lyrics and songs are not the two young bands, but the lamentation. When the band has reached the stage of composing ability and stage style, it is hard to imagine that Gao Hu has only written three beautiful songs in the past 20 years. In the final stage, if they take out the works like Wonderful Summer with no intention, lyrics pieced together, melody blocked, rhythm weird and almost abandoned as a whole, then their evaluation of not being enterprising, pretending X and greasy is not entirely empty.

By contrast, hedgehogs works are still both geographic and poetic, and tour groups can still construct the illusion of thousands of people singing in sports occasions. However, they gradually weakened their impact because of their unchanged style. In contrast, Penicillin showed more than 70% control over all kinds of styles, despite its exquisite beyond age and disgust at the trend of game rules. Summer Star is one of the most impressive performances, with an energetic and memorable prelude, Riff. Apart from not expressing their essential style, Pennys journey to Le Xia is almost perfect.

And the best way to do it is to create the earliest new pants. They have made restrained but remarkable changes in each round of performances, while maintaining a certain degree of novelty in aesthetics. For example, Are you going to dance and No ideal person is sad are exactly the same in harmony, and even the formers chorus and the latters main song are almost the same in melody. But they are different in rhythm arrangement, synthesizer timbre ratio, and even Peng Leis singing voice, and this competition put the two songs at one end wisely avoided the fatigue of the audience.

From Iribati to Life is Hot for You to Summer Final Song, the new trousers at first glance are similar to many songs, but in fact they have made changes in all aspects, and this change is achieved to a precise degree that can be perceived, even without careful listening. This shows that the band has rich musical vocabulary, rational design and mature experience of the works. From various perspectives, the new pants have a lot of recruits, and they are used in the right places. They are the thickest band in this seasons Lexia, so the championship came to fruition.

The interaction of heat and thickness makes Lexia the highest search index variety in China in the first half of the year. But how much is the feedback effect of the program for the band industry itself? Since the program began, everyone has been asking, Has the band music come out yet? Is summer really here? The impact of the program is different for everyone. According to Shen Lihui, CEO of Modern Sky, although fans of the new trousers have risen from 100,000 to 1 million, in fact, their appearance fees have only increased by about 12% (out of a recent industry forum).

New trousers perform in Chengdu in July 2019

However, besides the bands that participated in the program, the influence of the program appears to be relatively slow release. First of all, the number of performances in the festival has not increased as dramatically as some people expected, and most bands that fail to show still depend on the weather to eat. However, in terms of smaller performances, the host of a Livehouse in Beijing revealed that although the rent and approval conditions of venues are stricter than before, the booking volume in the second half of 2019 has increased significantly, and musicians are expecting an increase in the number of performers.

Livehouse signaled. Picture/Visual China

Source: Ma Wenjing_NBJS9027, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper