Changan Sword: Fan Sizhe and others challenged the bottom line of Chinas unification to find a cool place for themselves

 Changan Sword: Fan Sizhe and others challenged the bottom line of Chinas unification to find a cool place for themselves

These days, a cool song will be sent to Cathay Pacific Airlines and Versace.

Recently, Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong has been exposed as a scandal of three bombs - malicious leaks of flight passenger information, continued to allow pilots involved in violent incidents to fly, more than 3,000 employees to participate in the political strike. In this disgraceful way, we have continuously brushed the sense of existence in both Mainland and Hong Kong.

(Picture: Hong Kong people protest against Cathay Pacific Airlines allowing violent pilots to continue flying.)

Finally, on August 9, Cathay Pacific Airlines and others came to a blow.

Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a major aviation safety risk warning, and made three clear requirements. The core is: Chaotic Hong Kong elements, do not fly to the mainland. Those who support Hong Kong independence will not receive their flights in the Mainland. Considering that Hong Kong is surrounded by Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Huizhou, flying around the Mainland? It is almost impossible, this move is tantamount to cutting off Cathay Pacifics economic lifeline.

No wonder some netizens joked: It is suggested that Cathay Pacific Space be established immediately to put passengers into orbit around the sun in a straight line by means of launch vehicles, and then choose a plane to change orbit to send guests home in the form of a return capsule.

Today, Versace has become Cathay Pacifics hard brother, hard brother.

This is a luxury brand from Italy, because a T-shirt classifies Hong Kong and Macao as separate countries, which is suspected of Hong Kong Independence and Macao Independence, causing great controversy. Yang Weiwei, the brands Chinese spokesman, announced that he would stop all cooperation with Versace on the topic of 660 million readers on Weibo.

In addition, an unknown Taiwanese tea shop is also exploring frantically on the brink of danger.

On August 5, the store named Yifang Fruit Tea in Hong Kong not only closed for one day but also supported the illegal demonstrations in Hong Kong. A branch official is still on the Internet, openly declaring against theone country, two systems.

The response of mainland netizens, of course, was boycott. They also conveniently simulated a dialogue: Do you drink milk tea? Politics! No. I never drank it anyway.

It is conceivable that enterprises that openly challenge the basic system of unification bottom line and one country, two systems in China will succeed. For such a self-seeking cool, self-seeking dead end move, a deserve it, presumably nearly 1.4 billion people in China will not object.

But today, in the face of such enterprises that eat Chinese food and smash Chinese pots, Changan Jun still has three sentences, do not spit out unhappy! __________

The first sentence, Unity is the bottom line of the whole Chinese people. Whether out of ignorance, arrogance or malice, those who dare to touch this bottom line are seeking their own death.

One hundred years ago, Dr. Sun Yat-sen said, Unity is the hope of all Chinese people. One hundred years later, General Secretary Xi Jinping said, The motherland must be unified and must be unified.

In the vicissitudes of history, the Chinese nation, which has suffered from the turmoil and has been continuing, has a deep complex for stability and reunification. One China is not the interests of minorities, but the common interests of the Chinese people; it is not a temporary idea, but the constant pursuit of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

Although the Chinese people have the mind to accept all rivers and rivers, the issue of one China can not be discussed or questioned. This concerns the core interests of the nation and the common dignity of nearly 1.4 billion people. It is our bottom line.

In this process, since some enterprises come to China to earn money, they must be awed by the bottom line of the Chinese nation and people and be responsible for all business activities. Whether out of ignorance, arrogance or malice, as long as we touch the bottom line, dont blame us for reacting and hurting the lifeline of your profits!

In fact, during this period of time, on the edge of death crazy exploration, including Hong Kong Disney, Bao Mineral Water, Gongcha, Coco, 85 degrees C, and so on. Some of them went on strike because Hong Kong police punished thugs, some withdrew advertisements because TVB objectively reported radical demonstrations, and some publicly labeled Taiwan as a country parallel to the mainland of China on maps. The subtext is one: disrespect for one China.

Here, I advise these brands to say: after all, play with fire and burn yourself, and eat the bitter fruit of your own brewing. Dont fantasize that the Chinese people will give in half for this!

Second, the times are different. The anger of Chinese people is not only words, but also practical actions. The Chinese have the determination, the will and the ability to cool you completely.

Since being exposed and boycotted, whether Cathay Pacific or Versace, Yifang, Bao Mineral Water, apologies have come very quickly.

Cathay Pacific Airlines began the self-rescue triple: grounding the pilots involved in violent incidents, laying off two improper employees, and providing the mainland with the crew list.

Versace launched the mad apology model:

Other brands suspected of touching the bottom line of unification also show a strong desire for survival:

But Changanjun wants to say that this is not the result of conscience discovery and consciousness improvement of some brands, but the right choice we force them to make by voting with our feet.

After all, after 40 years of reform and opening up, China has become the most popular hot spot for global investors. President Xi Jinping said: People of all countries are welcome to take the express train and free ride for Chinas development. But hitchhiking must be premised on abiding by Chinese laws and regulations and respecting the feelings of the Chinese people.

For Cathay Pacific, for a long time, travelers from Hong Kong and the Mainland contributed more than half of its total revenue. But after the outbreak, the most praised attitude of the mainland compatriots was: I wish you a 365-day strike in a row.

The first half of 2019 showed that Versace was the only luxury brand to grow under Capri Group, with sales of $207 million, of which 34% came from Asian markets including China. The Chinese market of Versace has been growing at a double-digit rate for many years.

Enterprises are profit-seeking. Probably no one knows better than them the principle of harmony makes both ends meet, and toss makes both ends meet.

From Letian to D&G in Korea, from APA in Japan where books on the extreme right are placed to Marriott Hotel where articles are made on the map... For a period of time, some major international brands or chains have profited and provoked the Chinese cultural tradition and even the national bottom line, but without exception, they have harvested the cool end.

(Figure: D&G suffered the collective dismantlement of all major Chinese e-commerce brands after the humiliation incident. All e-commerce channels and postal channels were interrupted, resulting in losses of billions of yuan. Some of the physical shopkeepers went to the empty buildings and were in a bleak state.)

Because the present China is not what it used to be. The time when everyone can step on one foot and swear is gone forever. We have gradually moved from standing up, getting rich to getting strong. We are not only bulging our pockets, but also strengthening our national self-confidence. Our determination, will and ability to defend the bottom line are also increasing day by day. In such a knotty eye, choosing to support Hong Kong independence and Taiwan independence intentionally or unintentionally can only illustrate that there is no eye.

Challenging the Chinese bottom line is, in a sense, giving up the Chinese market.

Well, heres a poem for you: Its getting colder in autumn, and youve frosted. Cool in the distance, exhausting all the twilight.

Third, Chinas sovereign interests are not a bargain. Chinese people must not fool, do not take chances, two sides and three knives, otherwise they will die even worse.

Although most of the above-mentioned enterprises are respectful in order to save themselves, there is no lack of their own small abacus between the lines.

Whether Fan Sizhes so-called negligence or Cathay Pacifics so-called personal behavior of employees, or even Yifang Fruit Teas support for one country, two systems to the Mainland and dont talk about politics to Taiwan, all implicitly point to the same inner monologue: for the sake of corporate interests, Chinas sovereign interests can be pinched together. Rubber mud, a bargainable price.

Because they also believe that the Chinese are weak in determination and can be deceived by weakness.

Once you get rid of it and are protested, you should throw away the pot and apologize if you cant. Moreover, apologize only in the Mainland of China, and still act as a wallpaper in the overseas market. No one should be offended and all the money should be earned.

But now, its not going to work.

With increasingly firm determination and will, the Chinese people have declared to the world that sovereignty and territorial integrity are neither bargainable goods nor a multi-choice topic to ride a wall. Want to make money in China? Must speak out loud and without hesitation about your choice.

Thats why, after the release of Versaces apology letter on Weibo, the most highly praised comment was: Is it a special offer in China? Arrangements are also made abroad. Yifang Fruit Teas attitude of riding on the wall is also called Yifang each table by mainland netizens.

Changanjun noted that in the apology statements of the above companies, without exception, they expressed respect for China and enjoy many good opportunities in their economic and trade contacts with China. But the respect that only stays on the mouth and paper is more like prevarication.

Changanjun believes that if individual enterprises make themselves smart and two sides and three knives, and make completely different voices at home and abroad, in an attempt to muddle through, the outcome may be even worse. Because of these overseas enterprises, they have misjudged the situation, underestimated the efficiency of Internet users in mainland China in grasping information, and underestimated the determination and perseverance of nearly 1.4 billion Chinese people.

Tonight, Fan Sizhe finally spoke on overseas inss:

This is a good start, but also more proof of one thing: the times have changed, the Chinese can not be fooled, nor can they be fooled. Please be in awe, not in luck.

After all, markets have boundaries, but information has no boundaries; businesses have no boundaries, but consumers have boundaries.

All overseas enterprises wishing to share the dividend of Chinas development, please act on your own!