Why does the Central Disciplinary Commission rarely name Baidu, millet, drip and so on?

 Why does the Central Disciplinary Commission rarely name Baidu, millet, drip and so on?

On August 11, the official website of the State Supervisory Commission of the Central Discipline Commission released a video, which mentioned Baidu, millet, Ali, Jingdong, Mei Tuan, 360, Droplet and other companies.

This is called Internet companies high-profile anti-corruption, is it crisis public relations or curing poison by scraping bones? u300b Video, the key word is anti-corruption.

Just five days ago (August 6), China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily also published the news of Anti-corruption, abig testfaced by the Internet industry, focusing ongovernance of corruption in Internet companies.

Who did you order?

Zheng Zhizhi noticed that in the released video, the State Supervisory Commission of the Central Discipline Commission mentioned several recent hot issues of Internet anti-corruption:

On July 31, Baidu issued the Professional Ethics - Notice on the Treatment of Serious Violations of Discipline, notifying 12 cases of serious violations recently investigated and dealt with within the company.

The director of millet creative department demanded 7 million yuan from suppliers, and was detained by the police on suspicion of bribery by non-state workers.

Ali, Jingdong, Mei Tuan, 360 and other Internet companies have reported corruption among their employees.

On Aug. 2, Drop by Drop announced the internal anti-corruption and anti-fraud incidents in the first half of 2019.

On July 17, 360 Zhou Hongyi wrote in his circle of friends, Cut off the rotten meat with the sharpest knife in response to the arrest of 360 employee Huang Jing on suspicion of bribery.

As you may have noticed, since this year, the Internet big factories have published a list of corrupt persons punished one after another.

For example, Baidu.

Since the announcement of Baidu mentioned by the Central Discipline Commission, Baidu Professional Ethics Committee has reported 12 internal corruption incidents, including bribery, infringement of trade secrets and other illegal acts, including false reimbursement, false bonus and other violations, involving 14 people have been dismissed, and some employees have been formally filed criminal cases by the police. They were investigated and taken compulsory measures of criminal detention.

These 14 people are from Shanghai Key Customer Sales Department, Baijia Business Department, IDG Strategic Operations Department, Intelligent Cloud GTM Department, Local Advertising Department, etc.

Baidu affirmed the authenticity of online mail, and responded that Baidu attached great importance to the construction of an honest and clean government. No matter any employees, they would not tolerate any violation, and the serious ones would be sent to the public security department for treatment.

Announcement of Drops and Drops: Investigation and Disposal of More than 30 Violations

Drops have also recently been announced.

On August 2, Drop Travel issued the Announcement of Wind Control Compliance in the First Half of 2019, which said that in the first half of 2019, Drop Wind Control Compliance Department cooperated with multiple departments to investigate and deal with more than 30 violations, 29 of which were dismissed for serious violations and 10 were transferred to justice for suspected violations of laws and regulations. Relevant violation information has been notified to Sunshine Honesty Alliance and China Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance.

Several typical cases were also reported. For example, Xie Mou, a driver service consultant, colluded with external personnel during his tenure, and used his position to add drivers who did not meet the reward criteria to the list for profit. In addition, Xie, in conjunction with his friend Zhang Moujin and others, peddled non-existent single-suction plug-in to drivers in Jinhua and Quzhou areas and fabricated a lie claiming that they could dispatch single tilts, charging drivers weekly for personal gain, which had a bad impact on the reputation of the company. The company found many irregularities in Xie Mou, whose illegal income amounted to millions of yuan. The company has terminated the contract with Xie Mou and handed over to the judiciary.

Cut the rotten meat with the sharpest knife.

Some executives of Internet big factories have also mentioned anti-corruption publicly.

On July 16, former director of marketing, Lai Mou, senior manager Mei Mou and former employee Lu Mou were detained by Chaoyang police in Beijing on July 16, 2019 on suspicion of accepting bribes from non-state employees. The case is under further investigation.

On the same day, 360 internal notification, confirmed by the Ethics Committee, Huang Jing, senior director of the Ministry of Intellectual Property, accepted bribes from several agents and was suspected of accepting bribes by non-state functionaries. At present, Huang Jing has been approved by the inspection authorities for arrest.

According to 21st Century Economic Report, on the morning of July 17, 360 company founder Zhou Hongzhu issued a circle of friends, which wrote: Some departments in the company have the power to serve customers, not users, but become rent-seeking tools, which is totally contrary to the companys basic values and culture, to use the sharpest knife to corrupt these. Cut off the meat. I care what kind of bird you are.

It should be pointed out that Internet anti-corruption is not a recent thing.

According to the Daily Economic News, on December 4, 2018, Ali Da Entertainment Group came the news that Fan Luyuan, the chairman of Ali Film Industry, was also the president of Youku. According to the report, Yang Weidong, the former president, was cooperating with the police in the investigation because of economic problems.

Afterwards, Ali confirmed the news and said, Ali has never been soft on corruption. Regarding the specific circumstances of the incident, Ali said: All information is subject to the announcement by the police.

In a report in China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily on June 6, it was also mentioned that Yang Weidong, the former president of Youku, a cultural and entertainment executive in Ali, was investigated for alleged corruption, amounting to more than 100 million yuan. This is Alis 6th executive in seven years.

According to the State Supervisory Committee of the Central Discipline Commission:

It is noteworthy that the attitude of Internet companies towards internal corruption has changed from the usual internal digestion to active exposure.

Facts have proved that the healthy social environment promotes economic development, and corruption will only ruin the future of enterprise development. Internet companieshigh-profile anti-corruption is a deterrent, deterrence is necessary, but after deterrence, more efforts should be made to treat both the symptoms and the symptoms.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Zhao Yaping_NN9005