What is the relationship between the Sino-US trade war and young people? The professor made a thorough statement.

 What is the relationship between the Sino-US trade war and young people? The professor made a thorough statement.

Support for the state must be translated into action, or it will be over.


These are dialogues between Professor Shen Yi of Fudan University and college students. In this class, the studentsquestions seem to be very sharp.

To correctly treat the Sino-US trade war, we should correct the relationship between individuals and collectives.

In many peoples understanding, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States in 1979, the relationship between the two countries has been comparatively smooth weather, harmonious coexistence, and even passed the honeymoon period. Until 2018, the U.S. government unilaterally provoked and continuously escalated the Sino-US economic and trade frictions, which brought damage to the economic and trade relations between the two countries and the development of the world economy.

Over the past year, the forms of Sino-US economic and trade frictions have been changing. Nowadays, the US strategic debate on China mainly includes three different viewpoints: Sino-US gradual transition theory under Thucydides trap discourse packaging, American technology superiority suppression theory under Sino-US science and technology war packaging, and radical containment theory against China under Sino-US decoupling discourse packaging. Some Americans provoked the friction, both because of Chinas rise and because some politicians believed that the United States had suffered in the economic and trade relations between the two countries.

Take the example of Apple mobile phone: a mobile phone, the United States is responsible for design, China is responsible for purchasing parts and assembling, in the global production process, the United States took the lead. But because of the problems in the distribution of interests among different classes in the United States, most of the capital has been taken away, so they unilaterally claim that the interests have been damaged, which is caused by the hegemonic zero-sum game thinking.

Since 2018, there have been more and more cases of Chinese social scientists who have been suspended, blocked and harassed by the FBI by the US side; those who study science and engineering have applied for good schools and refused to sign up more frequently; and those who have worked in the United States for some time have also been implicated.

1. To clarify the relationship between the individual and the collective, and between the individual and the state;

Aristotle, who is liked to speak by Westerners, once said that in the period of a polis-state, if a man left the polis and lived alone outside, he was either a saint or a beast, that is to say, an individual could not live independently from the state.

The market economy system started in the West and then spread to the whole world. There are individualistic values, liberal values and the whole society tends to be pluralistic, but in practice, various pluralistic values do not break through the traditional relationship between individual and collective. President Kennedy, who was very famous in the golden age of American liberalism, made a speech in which he said, Dont ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country. That is to say, even if you are pursuing personal freedom, you must first realize such a kind of freedom. Individual values are combined with collective destiny.

Todays China is in a special period. In a large sense, through the efforts of several generations, this era is closer to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than any other period in history. It has acquired a higher platform than its predecessors, with international influence, and the public accepted at home. Common products and growth environment, for many people before, is his lifelong dream. On the other hand, from an individual point of view, you need to feed back the collective whether you study or live or develop. Only by forming a dialectical relationship between the two, can you find your correct position.

To win the Sino-US trade war, the key is to do our own thing well.

First, we should make it clear that the United States today is not making a fuss with you about the trade war, or charging a reasonable compensation. To a certain extent, he hopes to solve the so-called threat of China to the United States once and for all through this way.

Second, China will play hard, but we are not without advantages. Because today this relationship between China and the United States is naturally formed in history. It has some endogenous rationality, which is the product of the global distribution of capital after the end of the cold war. China relies on Chinas comparative advantage, the governing ability of the Chinese government, the industriousness of the Chinese people and Chinas resource endowment. Moreover, a considerable part of this comparative advantage is not mainly due to cheap labor or demographic dividends, but to the complete infrastructure, complete vocational education system and so on. The governing ability of the upper government is not insurmountable under such circumstances, but can be resisted. And in the medium and long term, some measures taken by the United States are promoting and helping China to further realize its awakening. So for your young people, this is the new direction and opportunity to choose a job. This is what the country needs, that is, the space for your future growth.

Faced with this situation, some young people began to spontaneously boycott American products. Although this is a very simple emotion, we should take a rational view of the current Sino-US relations. From the historical changes of Sino-US relations, it can be concluded that the main factors affecting American strategy toward China are the plight of the United States itself and the change of Chinas strength. China is playing a strategic game with the United States. Our biggest bottom line is to open up to the world economy and the world market day by day, establish our advantages, and let the United States pay the corresponding price. At the same time, we should do our best to make Chinas economy move forward better and faster, and maintain our love for the country. There is no need to artificially stir up some emotions.

Faced with short-term difficulties and fluctuations, young people should be aware that the price raised by the United States in the trade war is not a trifle. They should stand firm and fight to the end. They should also take a long-term view to avoid being confined to the present small fortune and being overwhelmed by temporary setbacks and difficulties. They should start with the nation. Take solid action in the same direction to realize self-worth in practice.

College Students Should Achieve Win-win between Individual and State

The current situation between China and the United States is only a minor climax in the prelude. With the narrowing of the gap between China and the United States, the perception of China by the United States slowly returns to normal, and the game will really unfold.

Todays Chinese youth are very lucky compared with their predecessors, because the living conditions you enjoy now, the external environment you have is beyond the imagination of predecessors, but at the same time, the historical responsibility you shoulder is unprecedented! Perhaps your arduous struggle and challenge is not to defend this country with your own life on the battlefield of Shangganling as the predecessors did, but you need to break out your own world in your professional study and in the process of competing with the new generation of young people in other countries of your age, and then realize it. The win-win situation between people and the country means that we should strive to realize our youth dream and historical responsibility in the process of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This is not only a test, a responsibility, but also an unprecedented opportunity for every young person. By seizing this opportunity, you can find your own value.

Now the task of Chinas construction is to tilt to the younger people under 35 years old. The team with an average age of 36 years has built the Long March 2F launch vehicle. The team with an average age of 27 years has maintained a 3 million kilowatt power station in Guizhou mountainous area. Young people are making contributions to the revival of the country and the nation with their own efforts, and also realizing their own values. At the same time, opportunities and challenges coexist among young people in this era, and the country provides a broad stage for the development of young people.

General Secretary Xi Jinping once proposed that every generation of young people has their own opportunities and opportunities, and they should plan their lives and create history under the conditions of their own times. At this critical moment of Chinas rise, young people should exert their wisdom and make great contributions to key technology research and development and frontier basic scientific research. At the same time, they should do their work steadfastly in key and ordinary positions and make greater contributions to the country. In an age of interesting events, everyone can find their own coordinates of the times.