Premier League-Obamayan Goal Pepes First Show Arsenal 1-0 Happy First Win

 Premier League-Obamayan Goal Pepes First Show Arsenal 1-0 Happy First Win

In the 17th minute, Ricky crossed from the left and Joelin headed the ball wide. On the 18th minute, Almiron dribbled the ball into the penalty area and fell. The referee ordered him to show a yellow card for a false fall. In the 19th minute, Newcastle attacked with a sideline ball. After stopping at the edge of the Shelvey penalty area, the ball was volleyed out of the baseline by Leno.

In the 22nd minute, Newcastle corners were cleared and Shelveys volley was blocked by Gondoc. A minute later, Zacca picked the ball into the penalty area, Monroyal returned in an inverted triangle, and Mhitariang shot it straight up. In the 26th minute, Leno confiscated the ball if Ellington started to volley after a continuous spike.

In the 30th minute, Nelsons free kick entered the penalty area and Zaka headed off. In the 31st minute, Mhitariang passed to the left side of the penalty area. After Obamayan stopped the ball, the left foot volley was saved by the goalkeeper, and Arsenal missed the scoring opportunity. In the 39th minute, Almiron shot high from outside the restricted area. At the end of the half-match, Arsenal drew 0-0 with Newcastle.

In the 51st minute, Gondozis backcourt direct pass, Obamayans left-hand shot was blocked from the baseline, Nelson opened the corner and Zakas forward nod shot missed the back post.

In the 58th minute, Metland-Nells stole Williams on the right and then took the pass to the far end of the penalty area. Obamayan stopped the ball and scored a calm shot on the goalkeepers outside foot, 0-1, with Arsenal leading the away game.

In the 67th minute, Ricky kicked a corner and Almirons low shot in the restricted area was blocked from the bottom line. Mr. Pepe came on as a substitute to make his first Premier League appearance. Obamayan got a one-knife chance in the penalty area, but missed the chance by stopping too high. In the 83rd minute, Leno confiscated the ball after a low shot from the left side of Saint Maximan. At the end of the game, Arsenal beat Newcastle 1-0.

Newcastle (352): 1-Dubravka/5-Schell, 6-Russels, 3-Dumet/19-Mankillo, 8-Shelvey (5415-Williams), 14-Hayden, 36-Longstaff (6710-St. Marksiman), 11-Rich/9-Joelinton, 24-Almiron

Arsenal (4231): 1-Leno/15-Metland-Nells, 21-Chambers, 5-Papastasopoulos, 18-Montreal/29-Gondoch, 34-Zaka/7-Mhitarian (8435-Martinelli), 28-Willock (648-Sevalios), 24-Nelson (7119-Nicolas-Pepe)/14-Obamayan

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